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Two students plead guilty in Wakefield High assault

Posted December 8, 2008

— Two of the three young men charged with beating a fellow Wakefield High student in September have pleaded guilty.

Micah Hakeem Conley, 16, Stephen Shawn Wilson-Chism, 16, and Tyree Lee, 17, injured DJ Merwitz, 15, so badly in a fight on Sept. 22 that he required reconstructive surgery on his face, his parents said.

Conley pleaded guilty to felony assault, inflicting serious bodily injury. He was credited for time served and will serve six more months in jail followed by 36 months on probation. Under the terms of the plea, he must pay a $500 fine, $626.50 in court costs and restitution of $2,000.

Wilson-Chism pleaded to felony accessory after the fact. He was sentenced to 36 months on probation.

Both men are prohibited from contact with Merwitz or his family and are banned from Wake County school property.

The third suspect, Lee, has not yet had a court date.


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  • lol wut Dec 9, 2008

    What is stopping relatives of the victim, starved for justice, from taking their own? This joke of a sentence would seem to encourage that.

  • makeitright Dec 8, 2008

    One more example of the Lawyers and Judges palying games... Who's watching what these judges are doing? Is this not attempted murder or what? But that wouldn't stick, so we'll go after a lessor charge.. Sickning what yo can get away with and still be breathing to laugh about it - let alone back out on the streets.

  • ReddHott13 Dec 8, 2008

    Is that all they get?????? UH HELLO >>>> what are we teaching these teens....thats it is okay to beat the shinola out of someone and you just get your hand slapped.... how disgusting!!

  • dugmeister Dec 8, 2008

    ... AND .. to make this even MORE ridiculous.. the Nebraska 'But Bandit' was sentenced to 13 months in jail. So, what is the lesson learned? If you are going to commit a crime make it VIOLENT. yeah. That is what I just learned today.

    and why is it that WRAL can state but (with two T's), but I can't. Seriously, are you people are WRAL for real?

  • futbalfantic Dec 8, 2008

    So Tawny, please tell us what started this fight between them. If two+ white boys beat up on a black kid younger than them they would have been burning at the stake a long time ago

  • Tax Man Dec 8, 2008

    With the current state probation system in such a mess I can't believe any judge would give probation to any criminal. They should do all their time in prison. If we put them on probation no one will ever see them again in the system until they have committed a much more serious crime!

  • dugmeister Dec 8, 2008

    absurd. A beating like that, w/ 3 on 1, should be more along the lines of 5-10 -->> YEARS !!!

  • Tawny Dec 8, 2008


    It's very easy to make the assumption you did - based solely on skin color. However, what prompted this fight at Wakefield had nothing to do with skin color.

  • fundybasher Dec 8, 2008

    looks like another black-on-white hate crime to me.

    where's the outrage from the african american community?

  • Leftwing Dec 8, 2008

    worse yet is that they are banned from Wake county schools (and rightly so) but this means more HS non graduates that you and I will have to support. Excellent.