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Raleigh 18-year-old charged with hit-and-run

Posted December 4, 2008

— Raleigh police charged an 18-year-old with hit-and-run Wednesday night after he drove his car into a house and then reported that his car had been stolen, authorities said.

Zodrick Shearin, of Raleigh, drove his car into a garage door at 1506 Southgate Drive around 10:30 p.m. and left the scene, police said. People inside the house were not injured.

Shearin then reported that his car had been stolen. Police later determined that he was driving when the crash happened, authorities said.

Officers charged him with filing a false police report, as well as felony hit-and-run and having no operator's license. Authorities said they weren't sure if Shearin hit the house on purpose or by accident.

Charges were pending against another person; however police declined to name the person.

Shearin was due in court at 2 p.m. Thursday.


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  • big dady Dec 4, 2008

    know this guy is bad bad driver

  • daMoFo Dec 4, 2008

    I'm sure he's innocent. It's all a mistake.

    Hey, Hey, Heeeyyyy....it's Revvvverand Barber. And he's going to tell you a thing or two.

  • Brejasa Dec 4, 2008

    All this talk about...

    "Another sad case of a child not brought up properly with love and guidance, a child likely neglected and abused. Social services--this is your legacy."
    The apple dosn't fall far from the tree...
    Stars and music...

    So what is the excuse for the four Apex teens?

    Bad parenting and they probably had both parents, apple doesn't fall far from the tree?

    These teens are old enough to think for themselves and know the price that they will have to pay and having a father, were you are from, music and all these other curves people want to throw in don't always have anything to do w/the choices that are made. These ideals are why some teens do what they do, they play on the intelligence of others/system. And when parents learn to teach their children that music is an art, a form of expression, not a way of life and teach them real moral than maybe they wouldn't mock artist/tv.

  • Bradley07 Dec 4, 2008

    your right on the money Gravy, Those were the words my father used to say to me. "Before you do ANYTHING you better know what's going to happen and what repercussions YOU will face!" Needless to say I didn't do things that I had to answer for. Which is what is wrong with society today no one answers for their reactions. No common sense at all.

  • Hasbeen Dec 4, 2008

    Life-goes-on - You really need to cite some of your references that you draw such broad conclusions. 75%(??). Are you speaking about all US families? Even if the number "varys" some, I do not think only 1 in 4 US families has a fatherly influence....signed a proud father of 3

  • Life-goes-on. Dec 4, 2008

    What you see here is the results of a movement started by Gloria Steinem back in the 60's. Her famous phrase “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" started us down a path where our society accepts that concept that men are not necessary in the rearing of children. Today we have women having and attempting to bring children up without the influence of a father. Others marry and all too often for reasons of little substance, divorce their children’s father and join the glorified "single mom" status in raising their children’s as well. Numbers vary but close to 75% of today’s early teens are growing up with little or no fatherly influence. This young man is a prime example of the movement Ms Steinem started. No boundaries, no respect for his life or the lives of others, and no use to our society. I do realize there are circumstances where children have grow up without a father so please spare me the arguments. What I'm opposed to is the acceptance of a fatherless societ

  • thought Dec 4, 2008

    these kids are not affraid of jail- hey, free beds, water, cable tv, weight room, and I'm sure a lot more- Go hang out with nothing to do all day.
    Now, if they put the chain gang back out there- make them work for thier stay, clothes, utility costs, food - they may have a different attitude.
    I agree they see these "stars" on tv do this and the stuff in the "music" they listen to- it is just sad. They do not think.

  • geraniumposey Dec 4, 2008

    Another sad case of a child not brought up properly with love and guidance, a child likely neglected and abused. Social services--this is your legacy.

  • Garnerwolf1 Dec 4, 2008

    Eduardo: the article states that the house was occupied but no one was injured. How do you know this kid is not already a 'hardened criminal'? I don't have any answers, but our current justice system isn't working. These kids are not afraid of jail apparently, and once there, it seems to make them worse.

  • derrellwhite Dec 4, 2008

    i know this kid, he is such a bad kid that when i heard about this incident i was not shock at all. all i can say is the apple dont fall from the tree if you know what i mean.