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Fans mixed on Canes coaching change

Posted December 3, 2008

— Carolina Hurricanes fans on Wednesday tried to digest news that head coach Peter Laviolette had been fired less than three years after winning the Stanley Cup and that former head coach Paul Maurice would be back behind the Canes bench.

"(I'm) shocked, totally shocked. I think Peter Laviolette's a very good head coach, and I'm not sure he's the one to blame for the current skid we're going (through)," Doug Ragon said.

"You can blame him for, maybe, juggling the lines and stuff, but for the most part, it's the players who play the game," Ragon said.

Others said the move was overdue, noting the luster of the 2006 Stanley Cup championship run is fading and the Canes' play has been wildly inconsistent this season.

"I'm a little upset that he's leaving because he's led us in the past, but we've got so much talent right now and nothing is happening," Kelley Burriss said. "The team's not scoring. The fans aren't showing up. We're season-ticket holders, and we don't want the team to leave."

Burriss' son, Chandler Burriss, said it's easier to replace a coach than an underperforming lineup.

"The way that the players have just not really produced falls on the coaches," Chandler said.

Some fans said Maurice, who moved with the team from Hartford to Raleigh a decade ago, is part of the Canes "family," and they're willing to give him another chance as coach.

"He was well liked when he was here the last time, and hopefully he can get the (team) to respond and the Hurricanes can get back to where they can be on top," Ryan Givens said.

"Paul Maurice is a good coach. He led us to the Stanley Cup playoffs one year," Bob Ramsey said. "I kind of expected Laviolette would get fired because of the way the team has been playing."


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  • Iworkforaliving Dec 4, 2008

    I could care less, I never liked basketball anyway.

  • MarcoPolo Dec 3, 2008

    Cheaper tickets would bring more people to the game.

  • MarcoPolo Dec 3, 2008

    Maybe Tom can take over as coach. It would still be good to see him on a regular basis.

    I'm thnking Maurice is a cheap transition coach. There's gotta be much more to the story.

    Fans are not involved with the decisionmaking process - it's just the way it is. Voice (whine) away though. Rutherford's money.....Rutherford's call.

  • THANOS Dec 3, 2008

    The reason folks aren't showing up to the games is because they're too darn expensive. Decent seats for a couple would easily run into the hundreds of dollars by the time you throw in a drink and parking. How can anyone afford to spend that to watch a hockey game?

    Make the tickets cheaper and the fans will come.

  • Garnerwolf1 Dec 3, 2008

    Rutherford is either a genius. Or an idiot. Doesn't look like there is much in between with this move.

  • mstan Dec 3, 2008

    Why would they fire Lavio and hire back someone they fired a few years ago???? If they need a change, fine, but get someone with a fresh perspective.

  • bryan Dec 3, 2008

    I am torn on this. I think he was a decent coach, but having a good team definitely made him look better than he actually was. But bringing Maurice back is just stupid.

    And as for the comment that the fans aren't coming, that has everything to do with ticket prices. I used to go to 3-4 games a year when I could find the time. I went to ONE this year, and that's just because my brothers bought me tickets for my birthday. $80 for two seats that were on the second to last row at the very top? Come on, that's just stupid. And $10 to park now? Now, I love hockey but I would never drop $90 to go see one game. That is just STUPID.

    I was amazed at the game we went to. Sure it was the day before Thanksgiving, but the stadium was half full and they were playing a big market team in the Flyers.

    I'd rather watch at home with a few friends and a few beers.

  • Patriot1 Dec 3, 2008


    They did not win the cup with Marice, They made the playoffs and lost to Detroit

  • ncteacher22 Dec 3, 2008

    Wow, this is so wrong! Lavi fired, Tom Suiter steps down....a sad sports day in Raleigh!

  • Bulldog22 Dec 3, 2008

    Sad to think that this is the type of management decision that actually gives players the power to control a coaches career. I am not saying this is what happened, but with these types of decisions by management, why wouldn't players get the idea "hey, we don't like our coach, so if we lose enough the coach will be fired." this attitude is probably more likely to happen in the NBA however.