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Investigators want access to Jason Young's e-mail

Posted December 3, 2008
Updated December 4, 2008

— Authorities want access to another e-mail account registered to a former Wake County man whose wife was found dead in their home more than two years ago.

A new search warrant returned Wednesday morning asked for all text communications, e-mail activity, searches and other online activities related to a Yahoo! e-mail account belonging to Jason Young.

His wife, Michelle Young, was found beaten to death inside the couple's bedroom on Nov. 3, 2006. The 29-year-old was five months' pregnant with her second child.

The latest warrant comes less than a month after detectives asked to search a computer that Jason Young used for work.

According to affidavits attached to the warrant, investigators found a number of Internet searches for terms such as "head trauma knockout" and "anatomy of a knockout" on another computer that belonged to him.

It also describes Yahoo! e-mail exchanges he had with his sister about the case, as well as with a Florida woman with whom investigators say he was having an extramarital relationship.

Authorities have not called Jason Young a suspect, but a series of search warrants in the case indicate he is the focus of their investigation.

He told investigators he was out of town on business when his wife died, but has generally been uncooperative with investigators. He spoke to them once and, under a court order, gave DNA samples.

In October, Michelle Young's mother, Linda Fisher, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Jason Young, claiming he was responsible for his wife's slaying.

Jason Young failed to meet a Dec. 2 deadline for contesting the claim, and Fisher's attorneys say that by not responding, he is essentially admitting to the allegations.

They will ask a Wake County District Court judge in the coming weeks to declare him his wife's slayer, they said.

How that could affect the criminal investigation, if at all, is unclear.

His attorney, Roger Smith Jr., has declined to comment, as have the Wake County District Attorney's Office and the Wake County Sheriff's Office.

Jason Young has moved with his daughter to Western North Carolina, where his family lives.


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  • Miss.Lady Dec 3, 2008

    He did it

  • Cricket at the lake Dec 3, 2008

    Why didn't they look at it 2 years ago? They need to arrest this guy.

  • Common Sense Man Dec 3, 2008

    "Clearly, they don't have what they need to arrest the guy."

    I think they have enough for an arrest. I don't think they have enough for a conviction.

  • sbgreene Dec 3, 2008

    How many times has it not been the husband that has killed his wife? I think the one kiiled delivering newspapers was not done by the husband but all of the others were. SO why would this be different? plus he tried to kill her in the car accident. JMO!

  • Alexia.1 Dec 3, 2008

    ratherbnnc, I tend to agree with you that this looks like a fishing expedition. Clearly, they don't have what they need to arrest the guy. Sadly, they don't appear to have any other leads, so they keep going after this fellow. So, fishing is all they can do.

  • tiblet Dec 3, 2008

    I bet he is going to sit back, wait to be charged, and plead guilty just like Ann Miller did.

  • Common Sense Man Dec 3, 2008

    Nice to know the armchair quarterbacks know everything about investigating crimes.

  • lilalyn Dec 3, 2008

    Actually this is a smart move on the part of LE. Criminals are not the sharpest people and by now Jason would have thought he's in the clear. Will be interesting to see if he's slipped up thinking he's safe. Fishing expedition. Well, of course. Let's see if Jason Young took the bait and slipped up.

  • Banker Mommy Dec 3, 2008

    The investigators HAVE been working very diligently on this case--nonstop since the murder. It takes time to mount a case that will stick, and I'm sure the DA doesn't want to move forward until they have an airtight case so this creep doesn't get off. Give them time to do their jobs.

  • ratherbnnc Dec 3, 2008

    Okay, here we go again! Another fishing expedition.