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Calls establish timeline in Fayetteville officer-involved shooting

Posted December 2, 2008

— Callers to 911 reported shots fired in the area of Post Avenue in Fayetteville before police arrived on the scene where a suspect was shot Thanksgiving night.

911 calls released Tuesday indicate neighbors were concerned after hearing multiple shots in the vicinity of Post Avenue and Hawkins Street.

Police radio traffic, also released Tuesday, contains reports from multiple officers, ending with an urgent call for medics. "A black male is down in the middle of Post Avenue," an officer reports, asking that medics hurry to the scene.

That man, Kenmara Davis, was shot by Officer Michael Yount. Davis, 26, was pronounced dead at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center.

Yount, sent to investigate the shots, found Davis stumbling in the street, officials said.

"He began to question the suspect. The gentleman pulled out a gun and fired shots, to which the officer in self-defense fired back,” police spokeswoman Theresa Chance said.

Neighbors said Davis was running down the street from the officer when he was shot.

Davis' sister, Larana Davis, questioned the police version of events. “My brother was murdered, you know what I mean. And he did nothing. He did nothing,” she said.

Yount has been placed on administrative duty while the State Bureau of Investigation investigates. Both moves are standard procedure in any officer-involved shooting.


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  • thepeopleschamp Dec 5, 2008

    AnnaMarie, you beat me to the punch. There is also a bullet in the officers patrol car from the suspect. Come on doubters, where are you?

  • AMHall82 Dec 5, 2008

    Where is his family now that the SBI's search warrant & affadavit have been released? Funny they don't have much to say now... "My brother did nothing wrong" Funny the EVIDENCE shows he fired a glock handgun at Officer Yount. Guess that's not quite doing "nothing" wrong...

  • LovingLife Dec 4, 2008


    Degree was in Communications not Education...You can't deny someone an education because of a felony conviction. Financial aid can be denied, but that is only if it is a drug conviction that occurred while they were receiving aid in the first place...Just FYI

  • Tarheel born Dec 3, 2008



  • luv2teachnc Dec 3, 2008

    What kind of college would accept this criminal into their teaching program. Yes, I said criminal! Check out his background by going to the following website and typing in his name: http://webapps6.doc.state.nc.us/apps/offender/search1. Thank you so much to Officer Yout for doing his job and keeping our streets safe. Unfortunately a life was taken, but their are consequences. As for the college he was to graduate from - SHAME ON YOU FOR ALLOWING THIS CRIMINAL TO PURSUE AN EDUCATION DEGREE!!!

  • workingforthosethatwont Dec 3, 2008

    One less burden on society if you ask me. Good job officer! Sorry have to deal with the monday morning quarterbacks. Glad you are ok. Keep up the good work!

  • anonemoose Dec 3, 2008

    Could the sister, Larana Davis actually be Larona Davis, 28 Y/O black female, 5-3 and 120 lbs from Cumberland County who has been convicted of Selling marijuana and crack, and (gasp) Carrying a Concealed weapon. If so, it makes her a really credible witness.

    Wouldn't be the first time that either a reporter misunderstood a name, or that somebody with a criminal past lied about their name.

  • ratherbnnc Dec 3, 2008

    Is stumbling drunk in the streets while shooting a gun he illegally possessed turning his life around?
    Cookie Me Elmo

    Sounds like a very valid point to me!

  • thepeopleschamp Dec 3, 2008

    icement, where do you get that 90% of cop shooting cases say the suspect shot first? I would like to read that study for myself. Here is a FACT; no police officer in the state of NC has ever been convicted of a crime in an on-duty shooting of a suspect. That is a record that citizens of NC should be proud of.

  • Tarheel born Dec 2, 2008

    kbo, And your considered opinion is "that cop should be off the force". For what?!?!? For doing his job?!? You shoot at a cop, he shots back AND hits his target. He DID his job and he apparently did it well.

    And as for becoming a teacher, not very likely with his criminal record. He might have become a role model for troubled youths, but he apparently did not learn his own lessons very well.