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Family questions fatal shooting by Fayetteville officer

Posted November 27, 2008
Updated November 28, 2008

— The family of a man killed in an officer involved shooting Thursday night is questioning whether the officer acted in self-defense.

Shortly after 9 p.m. Thursday, police said, dispatchers sent Officer Michael Yount to investigate a report that shots had been heard in the area of Hawkins Drive and Lynn Avenue. Yount reported that he found a man, identified by relatives as 26-year-old Kenmara Davis, stumbling in the roadway there, officials said.

"He began to question the suspect. The gentleman pulled out a gun and fired shots, to which the officer in self defense fired back,” police spokeswoman Theresa Chance said.

Davis was killed.

Police put Yount on administrative duty and brought in the State Bureau of Investigation, both standard procedure when an officer shoots someone.

Davis’ sister, Larana Davis, doesn’t think her brother would have “made trouble.” She said he was planning to graduate from college next month and become a teacher.

Kenmara Davis did have several run-ins with police. He has four DWIs and served time on a gun violation, according to records.

“My brother was murdered, you know what I mean. And he did nothing. He did nothing,” Larana Davis said.

Neighbors said Kenmara Davis was running down the street from the officer when he was shot.

"It was obvious he had been shot in the back, because blood was all over his back,” neighbor Melvin Gray said.

Gray said he heard “rapid fire” at the time of the shooting. “To me it sounded like six to eight shots. It sounded like a machine gun,” he said.

Gray said the officer told him to get back inside because the suspect was armed, but neighbors said Kenmara Davis was already lying in the street at the time.

“The officer was acting to jittery and suspicious,” Gray said. “He was acting like he was covering it up.”

The Cumberland County District Attorney's office had cleared Yount earlier this month in a June incident in which Yount shot a man in the leg after several men attacked Yount's K-9 partner.

Larana Davis said she wants Yount to “go to jail” or be kicked off the force.

In an unrelated shooting, police said a man was found shot to death at Cambridge Arms Apartments, 301 Barcelona Drive, off North McPherson Church Road, early Friday. Officers answered a shooting call there and found a man shot to death in Apartment 36-B, police said. They ruled it a homicide. Police withheld the victim's name in the murder case until they could notify the victim's relatives.


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  • icement2003 Dec 2, 2008

    Last comment, I promise. Officers chose their jobs knowing what the job encloses, and trained to perform those duties accordingly. If all evidence and details display that the cop peformed according to the training, then great! But if not, the cop should not be excused from the law. Every job is responsible for their actions. Lawyers can be disbarred, doctors sued for malpractice, or any other job has consequences; cops seemingly don't no matter what because of their type of job. There are numerous dangerous jobs in the world, but you still are required to perform accordingly. If you feel you should get a pass because you don't know who's going to do what or what have you is unacceptable; ask soldiers, in-field animal researchers, security guards, body guards, etc. Sadly police have been killed in the line of duty, as numerous other job fields. Yet unfortunate, reality is killing someone IF not warranted doesn't mean b/c of their dangerous line of duty they should be exempt.

  • icement2003 Dec 2, 2008

    They say officers tampered with the evidence by moving the body and walking around picking up things, what seemingly could be shells. When are any of the officers, spokeswomen, or chief police officer going to refute this? They say they're not listening to "hearsay" and are focused on the facts. Well, TELL US ANY, or deny something. You're not supposed to interfere with the crime scene. Obstruction of justice? As this case goes along, what if someone piled up charges on top of the officers as they do for regular citizens. Hopefully a good thorough and even trial done even w/ an individual w/ bad history so cops don't seem to be above the law, and consider others lives useless b/c not theirs. **Always, cops are put on paid leave, time goes along and the media never follows the details of the case anymore, and the cop is back on duty in no time and under the radar w/ no charges. NEVER fails. Hopefully this time is different if wrondoing is actually found to be done.

  • icement2003 Dec 2, 2008

    And who made officers the only ones innocent until proven guilty? Many seem to believe the brief statement of being shot at and returning fire; but we don't even know for sure if the victim fired at the cop. That is the routine statement many cop shootings use (even the ones caught lying b/c that does happen alot by cops when a mistake is made and they're nervous of the consequences, and understandably so). One will have to wait it out for all of the info. And I wish they will be required to make a statement or give some details soon so we can know what matches, therefore some of you can make your opinions based on SOMETHING. And cops, doctors, lawyers, political officials, etc make the same mistakes in society, such as DUIs and other mistakes in life so no one is perfect; not even you reading this. An officer's word is taken over any citizens everytime, so we have to do our best that justice is served both ways. Cops everyday wrongdoings to innocent locals in NC is another discussion.

  • icement2003 Dec 2, 2008

    Not surprising that so many people are so QUICK to side with the officer even without the facts, whether the victim had a bad history or even if the victim had a good history. But for those who openly state that the officer is just and job well done without knowing the facts is simply upsetting. A life no matter what is just as important as the next, and justice should take its course. And downing WRAL is ludacris for doing a story of what the family and witnesses have to say. I'm pretty sure they would've been more than happy to get ANYTHING from the cops themselves, but they do not give out any details; only a brief comment of the situation. Wonder how long it will take to get their stories together. For this story to have so much info, why are there so many essential facts left out? Was the firearm used by the victim found on him? Why did they search the victim's house later; what does this have to w/ the incident and shooting? Is this done to further sully or belittle victim?

  • IDontCare6 Dec 1, 2008

    I wish some of you people would stop blaming ADULTS actions on their parents. Some kids come from screwed up homes and become great assets to our society. Some kids come from good homes and still live a life of crime. My prayers go out to both families and for the sake of sanity, I hope the young man did have a gun and was not murdered in cold blood.

  • 68_polara Dec 1, 2008

    Davis’ sister, Larana Davis: doesn’t think her brother would have “made trouble.”

    "Kenmara Davis did have several run-ins with police. He has four DWIs and served time on a gun violation, according to records."

    Ya sounds like a real nice guy... His family shouldn't be blaming anyone other than Kenmara Davis and them selves for bring him up this way.

  • laxmom516 Dec 1, 2008

    WRAL continues to disappoint me in their media coverage. I have lived in Raleigh most of my 44 years and I find myself viewing other channels regularly.

    I wish all of you LEO haters would work 1 day in their shoes (and lives the lives of their families). How your opinions would change!!! My dad worked for the prison system for most of his career and habitual criminals are never going to be upstanding citizens. The talk seems to revolve around the officers pattern of behavior-What about victims pattern of behavior!!!! He is just the type of person I want teaching my children!! Seems like it is a family tradition. I hope the hospital employees file charges and take everyone of them to court!!!!

    Defending your self is not a crime!! Way to go to the officer. Hope you and your family get through this. There is much support for you!!!

  • Common Sense Man Nov 28, 2008

    "kinda hard to be shooting at someone with your back to them and running at the same time send this guy to iraq where all is fair game"

    Yeah, b/c I believe the dope dealer's family's account. Yeah right.

  • fergie Nov 28, 2008

    I am astonished and extremely disappointed on WRAL's coverage of this story. On ANY GIVEN DAY, the media should support these men and women who put their lives on the line EVERYDAY for US! This coverage is completely one sided. This man, this police officer, does his job the best he knows how. Did WRAL interview anyone on behalf of this officer? Did WRAL care what was said about a man who serves and protects? NO, NO, NO! Instead let's pay tribute to a man who had a gun and shot at an officer. WOW! We should all be thankful that our jobs do not require us to make a decision about what to do if someone shoots a gun at us. No one should be too quick to judge this man who was doing his job!

  • Krzyzewskiectomy Nov 28, 2008

    The great thing about forensic evidence is that it (when read correctly) does not lie. This should be an easy one to close. WRAL: Why isn't the suspect pictured? Are you guys trying to get the cop killed?