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Raleigh police: Tuesday night robberies not related

Posted November 26, 2008

— Raleigh police say two robberies and one attempted robbery at convenience stores during a one-hour span Tuesday night were not related.

The first one happened around 9:30 p.m. at a Handee Hugos on Capital Boulevard. A masked black man entered the store with a handgun and demanded money from the female clerk, police said.

About 45 minutes later, officers responded to a Handee Hugos on Western Boulevard. There, a black man between the ages of 16 and 20 came into the store with a black coat over his head. He had a handgun and demanded money from the clerk, police said.

In both robberies, the men got away with money. No one was hurt.

Around 10:30 p.m., two people went inside a Pack Mart on Ashe Avenue with a weapon. One of the clerks surprised the two people and they left without any money.

Police ask anyone with information about the cases to contact Crime Stoppers at 919-226-CRIME (226-2743).


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  • Stormy13 Nov 26, 2008

    I agree, there will be more of these type robberies. What I don't understand is why ALL these robberies are not reported! What about the bold robbery at the Rite Aid Pharmacy in Ridgewood Shopping Ctr where the robber went to the pharmacy, pulled out a gun and robbed the pharmacy? ALL these robberies need to be reported to the public so individuals will be aware!

  • twc Nov 26, 2008

    OLD PIRATE 2, I do know that there is not enough effort to protect their employees. I do know that some of the employees that have been murdered were not near well enough protected. I do know that they asked for donations to help send the body home for burial. I do know that I mentioned the big corporations--not the little guy--when I spoke of profits.


  • OLD PIRATE 2 Nov 26, 2008

    TWC it is obvious you know little about convenience stores and their efforts to protect their employees. As for the big profits, why don't you step up and buy one as there are many for sale.

  • twc Nov 26, 2008

    What I have observed over the years is that some of the store clerks are prepared to defend themselves. Such as the case recently on Western Blvd. It would be a real deterrent if this was to happen routinely. I know the police suggest don't fight back but this time of the year I believe clerks should anticipate being robbed and be ready to defend themselves with deadly force. If they are prepared to do this ahead of time they will be at less risk than if they were caught off guard.

  • twc Nov 26, 2008

    Everyone knows times are getting hard. There will be many more robberies this holiday season than normal. The companies that rake in all those profits need to better protect the workers. I'm talking about corporate--not the little guy. Many articles I've read state that the night clerks that get killed usually don't even have insurance to cover their funerals. Hard to believe because I'm sure the corporation's insurance is going to cover their losses.

    If you know someone working a job like that you need to talk them out of it or pull a little guard duty. At this time of the year employees of those places are really in a dangerous position!

  • PaulRevere Nov 26, 2008

    Not related? I wouldn't bet money on that.

  • doubletap357 Nov 26, 2008

    This is only the beginning folks, get used to it.

  • ljcs357 Nov 26, 2008

    Some people just refuse to work. Easier to take from those who do work...sounds like Obama's economic plan.

    Does it?..Dude, get over it.

  • whatusay Nov 26, 2008

    Some people just refuse to work. Easier to take from those who do work...sounds like Obama's economic plan.

  • TeresaBee Nov 26, 2008

    We will see more of this as the holidays approach and the economy gets worse.