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Deputy fatally shoots Kenly man

Posted November 23, 2008
Updated November 24, 2008

— A man was fatally shot and a sheriff's deputy was injured Saturday evening at a Kenly home, according to the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office.

Two deputies went to the 2349 Glendale Road residence shortly after 9 p.m. to assist an ambulance that had been called to treat an injured person.

When the deputies arrived, Reginald Lee Witcher, 54, shot at them from his front door, Tammy Amaon, a spokeswoman for the sheriff's office, said. A deputy returned fire, hitting and killing Witcher.

A deputy was injured during the exchange of gunfire from shrapnel or glass from the front door.  He was treated at the scene for non-life-threatening injuries.

“It was just amazing. It was just unbelievable to find out what has happened,” a neighbor said.

The neighbor described the man and woman who lived at the house as a nice couple.

“They have just been good neighbors. You couldn't have asked for no better,” the neighbor said.

Deputies have withheld information about the original call that brought paramedics to the home.

The deputies involved have been identified as Deputy Sgt. J.K. Garner and Deputy A.J. Case. Both are on administrative leave with pay, which is standard procedure for all officer-involved shootings.

The State Bureau of Investigation was reviewing the incident, which is also standard procedure.


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  • Common Sense Man Nov 24, 2008

    cwdeju, what's so funny, that I expect fair and balanced reporting? Oh yeah, I guess that is funny.

  • CrewMax Nov 24, 2008

    I know that we are not supposed to question the police, but I read the N&O article and it seems slanted in the victim's way about as much as WRALs seems slanted in the way of the police. So, it looks like a draw. From what I have observed with the SBI, if the guy did what they say he did, when the facts come out we will see it in the paper. If it is a so-called "bad shooting", we will never hear anything else about it.

  • BearPWN Nov 24, 2008

    I am so glad we have Cookie me Elmo as the voice of reason on all message boards.... Sarcasm... I come read her posts for my daily laugh. On a serious note, it does scare me there are people like her out there.

  • Common Sense Man Nov 24, 2008

    I never read anywhere that drinking was involved... I believe you just made that up...

    Here ya go: http://www.1270wmpm.com/pages/localnews.html

  • Common Sense Man Nov 24, 2008

    "Get all the facts... Turns out according the the N&O that he may have been shot without shooting his gun.."

    According to who? Oh, the N&O, the same paper that got Bizell in hot water. The witness statements don't really add up, so I'm not holding my breath with the N&O's take.

  • OpinionatedGuy Nov 24, 2008

    I never read anywhere that drinking was involved... I believe you just made that up...

  • ccacrabbitdog Nov 24, 2008

    1st....he didn't have to shoot his gun..hello all he had to do was raise it up....2nd....if u r refering to any statements made by the friend, he's gonna say anything to take the heat off his buddy and they were drinking!!!!!....i'll believe the deputy before any n&o reporter tk u....

  • therose2005 Nov 24, 2008

    I would like to know does anyone know what happened to the woman that the EMS went there for in the first place to help? IMO something in this story just do`nt add up, i just can`t believe LEO fired first shot, i even read somewhere that Reggie gun was not loaded, but even if not how would LEO know that. I don`t know any of these people and they all might be great people but the acohol caused them to made bad judgements. This story is so sad for all that is involved.

  • schoonie79 Nov 24, 2008

    I know both of these deputies and I work EMS and I can tell you that neither of them wanted an outcome like this. Its scary as an EMT to show up to a house and hear shots fired, or someone to pull a knife on you, or threaten you and your patient. The guy shot first and I'm sorry but if you're dumb enough to shoot at cops you're smart enough to get killed. As far as injuries go, the deputy had a facial wound. Check out this site and you can read about it. Its the first story on the site. http://www.1270wmpm.com/pages/localnews.html

  • OpinionatedGuy Nov 24, 2008

    Get all the facts...
    Turns out according the the N&O that he may have been shot without shooting his gun... In fact before the deputies even announced there presents... Hmmm... The plot thickins...
    I hope JCSO is honest and forth right with the investigation and does not try to cover anything up...