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N.C. Central student leaders discourage pajamas in class

Posted November 21, 2008

— Student leaders at North Carolina Central University want students to rethink attending classes in baggy pants, hats and pajamas.

“We have a lot of recruiters and employers that come on our campus and see the students dressed in pajamas and have do-rags and sagging pants, and those are potential employers,” NCCU Student Government President Kent Williams said.

Williams and other student leaders have decided to turn students into models by putting them on cards that suggest how to dress. The cards will be distributed around campus after winter break.

Williams stressed leaders aren't trying to mandate a dress code, but want to encourage students to think a bit more about what they wear.

Students like freshman Jasmine Best admit changing habits won't be so easy.

“Sometimes I wake up a little late for class and then I’ve got to go in my pajamas and then I come back and put on some decent clothes,” Best said.

NCCU Career Services officials said dress has become even more important in a tough job market.

“It’s really that first impression that recruiters typically get. We want to make sure that students are aware of that,” NCCU Career Services Director Johnnie Southerland said.

NCCU student Charles Robinson thinks dressing better could have other effects too.

“It also might affect their grades, too,” Robinson said. “They might think better about themselves and get better grades and stuff like that.”


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  • ksh33 Nov 21, 2008

    To Mr. Williams, as an alum of NCCU, thank you for leading by example. And for the young lady, wearing pajamas out of "house" is not only tacky adn very unlady like and unprofessional but the issue of not being responsible enough to get to your classes on time speaks volumes about what is important to you.

  • Scarecrow Cow Nov 21, 2008

    NC Central regularly accepts students with SAT scores as low as 648 (It was in the N&O last year). If they know that little about academics they likely know just as little about common decency and courtesy.
    What the Career Services Director said is true. When employers visit NCCU and think it looks like thugland, they're not going to be very inclined to hire someone with a degree from there. I know I wouldn't.

  • SaveEnergyMan Nov 21, 2008

    If you want to be a professional, then act like a professional. I see it everyday with my college students.

  • oldnavychief Nov 21, 2008

    Wouldn't it be great if these kids came to school with the most basic lesson that should have been learned at home - RESPECT - really not much more I can say - okay parents of those kids that can do no wrong, how do you defend a child with little or no respect?

  • whatelseisnew Nov 21, 2008

    Wow, I bet prospective employers are certainly impressed by this display of drive.