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More parking meters could sprout in downtown Raleigh

Posted November 18, 2008

— More on-street parking downtown could be metered if the City Council adopts the recommendations of a special task force.

Mayor Charles Meeker appointed the task force to develop a comprehensive downtown parking plan, and after spending several months on the plan, the panel forwarded its proposals to the City Council on Tuesday. The plan was referred to the council's Budget and Economic Development Committee for further study.

The panel called for expanding parking meters downtown, including metering spaces in the Glenwood South area and along Hillsborough Street. Rather than use "single-head meters," the city would use machines that would let people purchase up to two hours of time in a parking space from machines that would accept credit and debit cards in addition to cash.

Parking rates also would increase to $1 for one hour of parking and $2 for two hours under the plan. Hourly rates in municipal parking garages downtown wouldn't go up, officials said.

The panel also suggested hiring more staff at ParkLink, the city's on-street parking program, to improve customer service.

The comprehensive plan is supposed to discourage long-term parking and encourage turnover in on-street spaces downtown, officials said.

One subject not addressed by the plan is the abuse of handicapped parking placards.

A WRAL News investigation found people with handicapped placards park on downtown streets for hours at a time. Under Raleigh's interpretation of state law, a vehicle bearing a handicapped placard or sticker can take any metered or time-limited parking space – at no charge – for as long as the driver needs it.

Raleigh Police Chief Harry Dolan said his department would use a team of senior citizen volunteers to help police step up enforcement of handicapped parking regulations downtown.


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  • garnertoy Nov 19, 2008

    they can keep downtown

  • starglow2005 Nov 18, 2008

    What makes downtown Raleigh so special that we should have to pay to park? They'll be charging a fee for breathing downtown air next.

  • Fun Nov 18, 2008

    Meeker likes, panels, boards and commissions....then he can blame them...he's not a leader my friends.

  • zoocrew1 Nov 18, 2008

    Meeker will say its all about the money. I refuse to believe that. Not since on every floor of the city of raleigh main building there is a $5000 flat screen tv at or near the elevators corridor. (talk about misuse of funds). Even people who save peoples lives and work at least 12 hours a day have to pay for parking in downtown decks. This is crazy. I'll be glad when you are gone meeker.

  • FE Nov 18, 2008

    I guess this means there will now be a significant increase in the requests for some "handicapped" permits for certain lazy downtown employees.

    But I definitely will now do my fair share to help out the parking problem - I've found yet another reason for me NOT to consider downtown Raleigh unless the trip is absolutely, positively necessary.


  • whatelseisnew Nov 18, 2008

    One of the big reasons I do not go downtown is the parking. You want me to come there to spend money. I am not going to be gouged for parking. This man is an idiot. There was a time when you could be free parking if you got validated by a downtown merchant after making a purchase. They should return to that system.

  • JGreen Nov 18, 2008

    How do you get more people to come downtown to shop and dine? That's right, make it cost more. Hey Mayor, go back to working on our water shortage problem. It was the only time you looked like a leader and not a jerk. Still waiting for that reclaimed water idea you keep ignoring.

  • foetine Nov 18, 2008

    Charge more for less time! Worry more about a stupid meter running out and making your dinner cost $25 more thanks to the Meeker surcharge.

    You can always put your life in jeopardy and play "guess who is lurking in the parking deck."

  • retired and luv it Nov 18, 2008

    And downtown is dying--DUH-- wonder why?

  • WRALwontdeletemyaccount Nov 18, 2008

    Gee , a plan that increases revenue for the government is an essential part of a new approach.

    Who would have ever imagined?