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NAACP wants to meet with Wake DA, Bowles over graffiti

Posted November 18, 2008

— The NAACP on Tuesday decried what it labeled a "tepid response" by North Carolina State University officials to racist messages about President-elect Barack Obama that were spray-painted in the campuses "Free Expression Tunnel."

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People called for a meeting with University of North Carolina President Erskine Bowles to express concerns about "the apparent lack of policy and aggressive action regarding hate crimes and acts on at least some of the 16 campuses in the system."

While some students painted pro-Obama messages in N.C. State's tunnel on the night of Nov. 4, racist graffiti was there early Nov. 5, campus police said.

Two of the messages said: "Let's shoot that (N-word) in the head" and "Hang Obama by a noose."

State NAACP President William Barber met with N.C. State Chancellor James Oblinger last Wednesday and called for the four students who admitted to painting the racist messages to be expelled. The NAACP also wants a UNC system policy on hate speech and diversity training for students.

"No race-based threats of violence against African-Americans or other people of color can be tolerated in the campus-wide zones of free expression," Barber said in a statement Tuesday. "Our tax dollars created and maintain these zones of free expression."

The NAACP also wants to meet with Wake County District Attorney Colon Willoughby to discuss why hate crime charges weren't filed against the four students. The organization also may lobby state lawmakers to amend hate-crime statutes so similar acts in the future could result in criminal charges, officials said.

The group also plans to lobby Congress to strengthen enforcement of federal laws that could cut funding to universities that don't crack down on hate crimes, officials said.


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  • Dr. Dataclerk Nov 19, 2008

    Oh! By the way! Why is the NAACP involved in this? Is it because Obama has dark skin when in fact he is of mixed race???

    What if Obama could pass for white (which he cannot) would that make you feel better and everything would be better for our country?

  • Dr. Dataclerk Nov 19, 2008

    Remember Mr. Barber/NAACP, the President Elect is just as much white as he is black.
    Mark - feel free to debate me

    You really think that still. Lord help us. Then honey, what am I?

  • Dr. Dataclerk Nov 19, 2008

    He would be doing something in the "ADVANCEMENT OF COLORED PEOPLE"....Do something postive..Please for the love of God....

    When that happens, we will all probably faint on the spot. lol

  • streetfightinman Nov 19, 2008

    Sounds like to me it should be
    "national association for the advancement of constant complainers" end this waste of time now.

  • blksheepndahood Nov 19, 2008

    The NAACP is doing more harm than good. Shut up and Grow up! I feel people like Barber is going to hurt Obama in the long run. If Barber went out and did something about the problems effecting young blacks today that I see everyday...He would be doing something in the "ADVANCEMENT OF COLORED PEOPLE"....Do something postive..Please for the love of God....

  • pclifton Nov 19, 2008

    See, this is what's so tough about supporting free expression. Sometimes people express things that you don't like.

  • ccs1920 Nov 18, 2008

    When the NAACP began, it was needed. Today is exist only to line the pockets of William Barber and others like him. If they cared about their people, they would attempt to do something about the large number of blacks killing blacks.

  • DaddysAngel27 Nov 18, 2008

    Oh! By the way! Why is the NAACP involved in this? Is it because Obama has dark skin when in fact he is of mixed race??? Does the NAACP think they have is made because of Obama? His mother is white. I far as I have ever known whatever race the mother is goes on a baby's birth certificate. So, stop letting our President's color go to your heads as referring to the NAACP! It is because of racist groups like the NAACP that there will never be any equality in this world! If you don't like what I have to say oh well, deal with it either way I as a US citizen have the right to speak my mind!

  • DaddysAngel27 Nov 18, 2008

    TO blazinmami8807-
    I know what the KKK is and I know what the NAACP is. They are both RACIST GROUPS no matter what you may think!" Furthermore, don't judge anyone on here especially me, calling people stupid. Using the word stupid is no difference than using the "N" word because both are discriminating words! Maybe it's time for you to get some education. By the way I'm an extremely well educated and intelligent human being.

  • ccs1920 Nov 18, 2008

    SANDHILL/ Mr. Willoughby may stand up to him but I can tell you now that Mr. Bowles will not. Bowles is nothing but a YES man. Just wait and see.