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Community helps disabled vet who gave up dogs

Posted November 14, 2008
Updated October 12, 2011

— Community members have rallied around a disabled veteran who had to give up dozens of dogs because he couldn't take care of them.

The veteran, who asked to remain unnamed, said he gave up his 50 dogs because he could no longer care for them and wanted them to have a better life.

Animal Advocates of Moore County and Moore County Animal Control took in the dogs and have spayed or neutered them and will adopt them out.

However, WRAL viewers have started a grassroots effort to help the veteran build a fence so that he can keep some of his dogs. The group is also collecting dog food and other supplies.

A local company has volunteered to build the fence for free. If he can collect enough fencing materials, the veteran says he would like to build kennels and runs, so he could care for the dogs of deployed soldiers.

The dog owner served in the Army and Navy and suffered several war wounds. He said he was injured at work a few years ago and has been fighting to get $20,000 in workers compensation since. He walks with a cane, and his wife also has health problems.

In the meantime, the veteran wasn't able to keep up his mobile home, but, he said, the dogs "come first."

The veteran said the dogs are his life and the only reason he's alive today. He had contemplated suicide in the past but didn't want to leave the dogs with no one to care for them.

He spent all his money on feeding and caring for the dogs, and slept outside with them every night on a straw bed under a tarp in the treeline, the owner said.

The veteran said many of the dogs he took in had been abandoned. He lives in area where many people dump dogs on the street, and he couldn't stand to see them suffer, the veteran said.

Animal Control officers said the dogs were in good physical condition and did not appear to be abused or neglected.

People wishing to help care for the animals can also call Animal Advocates at 910-944-5098 or send donations to

Animal Advocates of Moore County
22-A Ridgeline Road
Aberdeen, N.C. 28315


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  • Sessy V--V Nov 21, 2008


    story from his local newspaper : )

  • familyfour Nov 21, 2008

    H2...also...to add to what Sessy said...he didn't "go find them"...he lives in an area where it is common for people to dump the animals....they were essentially brought to him....he just has a heart, and wants them to have a better life...


  • Sessy V--V Nov 20, 2008


    he kept these dogs because these dogs are his life.

    If anyone would like to show support for the dogs he kept;

    the rest of the dogs were all about adopted : )

  • h2opapillon Nov 17, 2008

    i'm curious as to why this veteran and not the SPCA or animal control is left to care for abandoned dogs... if he knows where to find the "dumped" dogs, why doesn't the gov't agency?

  • familyfour Nov 14, 2008

    CAMM...I second that, but Sessy's gonna get us when she gets back :-)

  • news4u Nov 14, 2008

    Sessy for Governor!

  • Cricket at the lake Nov 14, 2008

    MrGup, please give me your address and I will gladly keep you in dogs! :-) Hope I made it clear, no offense to hunters and I wasn't generalizing. My dogs both still love to run and run. But I see dozens every year, lost and roaming. WHen they show up at my house, they never leave. I have a lot of money invested in both dogs spaying, shots, ect. My best to the wounded vet and thanks for his service to country and dogs.

  • illegals--GO HOME Nov 14, 2008

    Hey SESSY.......what would you think about contacting the ABC show that does the home rebuilding/improvements about helping out this veteran. He might get his home replaced and a nice new kennel for dogs and sometimes monetary or food donations for the dog. Sounds like he is the kind of person who deserves something like this. With his name, we could submit him for consideration.

    Just thinking out loud as this person seems to really care about animals and caring for the animals of other deployed soldiers as well.

  • TheDude abides... Nov 14, 2008

    My family currently has about 20+ hunting Beagels. They will run just about anything. We DEFINITELY do not abuse ours. Heck, most of the time I wish I was one of them! They are just as much pets as they are useful. Now, when anyone finds a lost beagle (ours will come home from 10 plus miles away) they come by our house first, or at least call.
    Remember, if you see a skinny hound during hunting season, it doesnt always mean they are mistreated. They love to hunt and will do it non-stop. It is sooo hard to keep weight on them during hunting season. They exercise it all away.

  • Cricket at the lake Nov 14, 2008

    I know this man isn't a hunter but I'll bet a lot of his dogs were stray hunting dogs. My family is ultra conservative and it will be a "war" if the new government tries to restrict our gun rights in any way. I was very careful to say I totally respect hunters and their right to hunt with dogs. But I also resent picking up the pieces after someone else has abandoned, lost or forgotten their dogs. Have you ever seen an ad in the paper for a lost hunting dog? They are disposable in many cases, not all. Both my dogs were starved and in awful condition when they came to me and no one else would take them. But where does it end, when I have 50 dogs, also?
    This gentleman may be wiped out after all he has been thru and may need a break from caring for all the dogs. Go easy on him, he has done his share.