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Poll: 6 percent not ready for DTV switch

Posted November 13, 2008

— Broadcasters have been working to get the word out about the switch to digital television, which begins Feb. 17. A new Elon University poll shows that not everyone has got the message, however.

Elon surveyed 477 people in the Raleigh area and found that 6 percent of households are completely or partially unready for the switch.

Of those 6 percent, 25 percent said they don’t know what they’re going to do about it.

When television broadcasts make the digital switch next February, viewers with analog sets who rely on an antenna will need a converter box to view their favorite shows – or any shows.

Converter boxes are available for sale online, at electronics stores and at general retailers.

People who receive their signals through cable or satellite dishes should have no problem because the providers have said they accommodate the change for their customers.


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  • Panther Nov 13, 2008

    If you can't get DTV next Feb, its no great loss, after all the programing on TV today is poor at best.

  • livinggood2 Nov 13, 2008

    The signal is great if you are watching WTVD in my area,but if you want to watch WRAL you better have cable.I use rabbit ears with the box,wral signal seems to be really weak,cannot even pick it up with my ears,but I can with my analog set,Wral wake up, in Wayne County.

  • smegma Nov 13, 2008

    bail them out? i say spread the wealth around

  • BadDayforButch Nov 13, 2008

    Must be they don't know about it yet...maybe they don't watch television

  • Mobile Geek Nov 13, 2008

    "we should bail them out"

    Already did that once. Wasn't it $400 million in tax dollars for $40 coupons to discount the converter boxes? 2 per household. And, we see how that bailout has worked. Maybe bailouts are not a good idea.

  • ohmygosh Nov 13, 2008

    According to most surveys 15% of viewers are receiving TV over the air. If the poll was of the general population (including the other 85%) then over 40% of the OTA group are not ready.

  • ljcs357 Nov 13, 2008

    we should bail them out

  • Ken D. Nov 13, 2008

    6%? And I thought I was the last person in the US without cable.

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Nov 13, 2008

    Way over priced, that's why I'm hoping the new signal is as good as advertised. I know it will not be HD w/o an HD TV, but they claim the signal will come through better. We'll see.

  • OrdinaryCitizen Nov 13, 2008

    cable is overpriced