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N.C. State student leaders lobby for hate-crime act

Posted November 12, 2008
Updated November 13, 2008

— There was a call for change Wednesday evening at North Carolina State University when student leaders came together to talk about passing a "Free Expression Tunnel Hate Crime Act" after classmates admitted to painting racist remarks about President-elect Barack Obama on the night of Nov. 4.

Two of the messages in N.C. State's "Free Expression Tunnel" said: "Let's shoot that (N-word) in the head" and "Hang Obama by a noose."

A bill in the school's Student Senate urges the university to immediately expel those who promote violent and racist actions on campus and to prosecute the offending students to the fullest extent of state and federal law.

No charges have been filed by campus police or state or federal authorities.

The goal is also "to let other students at North Carolina State University know that this is not tolerated,” Sen. Michael Griffin said of the bill.

The Senate voted not to "fast-track" the bill by a tally of 38-13, and sent it to a committee for further review. The fast track would have required quick action. Instead, the senate will take up the measure again next Wednesday.

Four students have come forward and admitted to spray-painting the racist messages, the university says. The school has not released their names. Since the students were not charged with a crime, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People wants the university to expel them.

"We have to hold all of our institutions accountable," said Amina Turner, state NAACP executive director.

The NAACP is pushing for N.C. State and other public universities across the state to implement a system-wide policy on hate speech and to hold diversity training for students.

N.C. State Chancellor James Oblinger met with State NAACP President Rev. William Barber for about 90 minutes Wednesday morning to talk about the incident.

Oblinger refused to take questions from reporters after the closed-door meeting. He made a brief statement: "Both sides have a good understanding of each other's perspective and we agreed to move forward."

Barber has asked Oblinger to respond, in writing, within 48 hours with an official response from the university.


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  • al1over Nov 19, 2008

    NEVER surrender your freedom - no matter how offensive some people are. NEVER forget how many people died so that you/they can speak your mind. Ask God to help those who need to grow up ( A full grown mind loves all of mankind).

  • Gneiss One Nov 14, 2008

    "Maybe one day people that calls themselves human beings that God created will see this."

    WHATEVER ; -) !!!!!

  • Gneiss One Nov 14, 2008

    Dear Dr Dataclerk,
    I sincerely hope our tax money does not pay your salary. If so, it appears the position should be eliminated and could be justified by the amount of time spent blogging and not working. Your command of the english language and grammar are pathetic. Your nanny nanny boo boo taunting techniques are outstanding and you should be proud. Probably should brush up on that "do unto others" commandment. Please do not disrespect my brutal honesty. It is one of my flaws and I am a slow learner. Please be patient , I am only human and not perfect. At least I do not make a habit of taunting others from behind the curtain for entertainment. Gloating about being a successful evader of the Golo moderators and the rules is a really useful skill as well. I am just voicing my opinion, mean no disrespect. May you go in peace.

  • IdoNOTliveinDurham Nov 13, 2008

    yellow_hat is really is that simple, agree 100%.....

  • yellow_hat Nov 13, 2008

    The NAACP has a single agenda - to continue to stir the pot often enough to get in the news and survive & pay themselves.

    I am a southern born & bred, 50+ white man - and I just I voted for a black man for president. If that does not indicate we no longer need racist organizations like the NAACP I do not know what possibly could.

  • news4u Nov 13, 2008

    Louis Farrakhan - Has free speech

    Bill Ayers - Has free speech

    Rev. Jeremiah Wright - Has free speech

    Jesse Jackson - Has free speech

    Al Sharpton - Has free speech

    Osama Bin Killin Bin Laden - Has free speech

    Dave Chappelle - Has free speech

    Chris Rock - Has free speech

    Richard Pryor - Had free speech

    George Carlin - Wished he'd had free speech

    NCSU students - Not so much...

  • news4u Nov 13, 2008

    I have never seen a black person.

    I have never seen a white person.

    I only see colored people in varying shades.

    So, the NAACP should be for ALL people - anything else is racism.

  • familyfour Nov 13, 2008

    Q:In defense of the white race, do we have a National Advancement Association for White People? leaderofthepack

    A:Hmmmmmmmmmmm why yes. Where have you been? Equal rights?
    Dr. Dataclerk

    COMMENT:Don't have to try hard. It is a crime that could lead to bigger crime.
    Dr. Dataclerk

    DATA SAID:NACCP, please do not give up on this issue and see it all the way through. I am counting on you to solve this matter as quick as possible.Dr. Dataclerk

    THEN SHE SAID: I don't support the NAACP.Dr. Dataclerk

    DATA. I am trying to make this easy for you to see why everyone keeps saying you are talking out of both sides of your mouth, and contradicting yourelf. Hope this helps. Luv ya, mean it! Later.

  • lemonlake1958 Nov 13, 2008


    I think this matter is getting way more news attention than is warranted. The tunnel at NC State has always had controversial things painted there - from swastikas, to anti-gay slurs, anti-semantic, anti-muslim etc. Why is this particular incident worthy of such attention when all the other groups that have been "slammed" in the tunnel have not met with the chancellor or tried to get students expelled. I think community service and a slap on the wrist should be enough. Freedom of speech does not always mean you agree with what someone says but they have the "right" to profess there beliefs. (even if it is in very poor taste)I do not like what they painted either but expulsion is a bit extreme and unfair over this matter. If they had phsically accosted someone that would be different. As I heard when young, "Sticks and stones may break my but words will never hurt me..."

  • Dr. Dataclerk Nov 13, 2008

    Difference is ... Caseys Thoughts

    I agree. Maybe one day people that calls themselves human beings that God created will see this. Thanks for your comment.