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Raleigh's population to surge by 2030

Posted November 12, 2008

— The City of Raleigh’s population is expected to grow to 600,000 by 2030 based on national population trends, city leaders said Wednesday.

Raleigh’s population in July was about 380,000 people – an 85 percent increase from the 207,000 people recorded by the 1990 Census. The metropolitan population was 1.5 million in July.

In 2008, more than 1,000 people – a record number – have moved to downtown increasing the population there to 6,000, city officials estimate

City Planner Mitchell Silver and Raleigh Downtown Alliance Director David Diaz shared the population data and their visions for the city during a meeting with business leaders on Wednesday.

They envision downtown becoming the central city in the region – a shift from the current hub, the Research Triangle Park. Leaders see more companies following the lead of RBC Bank and setting up headquarters in the city.

“It’s about choices, and we believe we can capture some of those firms that want to be in an urban setting,” Silver said.

Development in downtown is expected to stay flat next year but pick up in 2010, officials estimate. While some residential projects have been delayed, others like 222 Glenwood and Bloomsbury Estate are more than 50 percent under contract and in demand, Diaz said.

“They’re all 50 to 100 percent sold,” Diaz said.

To make Raleigh a destination and increase the tax base, city officials said the city needs an outdoor concert venue, a sports arena and a better transit system.

City planners will unveil the Comprehensive Plan for Raleigh to the public in early December.


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  • newwake Nov 14, 2008

    don't forget that this state also hands out driver's licenses to anyone, regardless of immigration status.

    That's actually not true....hasn't been for a while. It is hard to get a license in NC now if you don't have the proper credentials.

  • whatusay Nov 13, 2008

    Nothing wrong with Raleigh, great place to live. But, Raleigh needs some new government. Let the growth pay for itself. Stop taxing citizens who will reap no benefits from the growth. Common sense works. Everyone should pay their fair of taxes, everyone, including the illegals who make up a large part of the population. But, they know how to beat the system and leach off the system, and government is incompetent. But, the voters make the same mistakes every election by voting the same old good buddies back in.

  • foetine Nov 13, 2008

    isn't part of Raleigh's growth in the past few decades involve moving the city limits signs outward?What percentage of this projection has Raleigh taking over towns that use our water and sewage? Is Knightdale ready to be swallowed up by Meekerville?

  • Garnerwolf1 Nov 13, 2008

    Should have locked the frappin gates 20 years ago.

  • horsyset Nov 13, 2008

    Raleigh needs Joe Riley (mayor of Charleston, SC) as mayor. He is a true leader with the vision and willpower to really do what is best to enhance the city. An amazing guy. Take the hideous building across the street from the baptist church at Five Points for one small example. Prime visible real estate, yet it looks like a garbage dump and is allowed to sit there blighting one of the more prominent intersections in the city year after year. I guarantee Riley would find the best solution to improve the site in a way that would benefit every business on the block. I wonder if that concept has ever crossed our current mayor's mind?

  • PaulRevere Nov 13, 2008

    Why do transplants vote for the same party that drove them away from the north? Baffling.

  • tlbone56 Nov 13, 2008

    Raleigh is a great place to be, let's just not over do it trying to keep up with the jones', and in the end it turns into a burnt out, overcrowded, crime ridden city, over-priced city like let's say "New York". Been there, done that,
    Raleigh Mayor, hint, hint.

  • oldrebel Nov 13, 2008

    See how much Raleigh grows after another year or two of severe drought. Why encourage growth, when we've already seen how a water shortage affects those already here? And the short sighted planners want to being in more? It's all about the short term gain for developers..to H3LL with the residents those left behind to deal with no water after the developers take the money and run.

  • wakemom Nov 13, 2008

    I have lived in other cities and Raleigh is a great smart decent city to live in. It just needs a mass transit for the area. The only thing I don't like about the area are the negative naysayers. Everytime something is suggested to improve the city a lot of you find something negative to say. I hate negative ignorant people. If you don't like it here then go somewhere you will like. Try Afghanistan!!!

    OMG! you hit it right on the head. folks still stuck in mayberry and this is the capital city. we lack everything a downtown is suppose to have and then some in this city. but i have learned the folks of raleigh will complain about anything good or bad. yet they wont move and will be the main ones taking advantage of the changes.

  • hkypky Nov 13, 2008

    .... and the WCPSS still won't be able to figure out how to educate our kids without annual reassignments and destroying the concept of neighborhood school should that even have a meaning in 2030. But hey, they'll be diverse so I guess it's worth it.