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Chatham County reports whooping cough cases

Posted November 12, 2008

— The Chatham County Public Health Department confirmed Wednesday that one person is infected with whooping cough and more than 100 more may have been exposed to the disease. Even those immunized in childhood are at risk of contracting the disease, the health department warned.

Symptoms are difficulty in breathing and a productive, exhausting coughing spell. The "whoop" is the sound patients make in trying to breath during or after those spells. Whooping cough is spread through face-to-face or direct contact with someone who is infected. It is treated with antibiotics.

The county is working with schools, child care centers and churchs to identify and treat those who may have been exposed to infection.

Anyone with symptoms of whooping cough should see a doctor or call the Chatham County Public Health Department at 919-742-5641 in Siler City and 919-542-8220 in Pittsboro.


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  • nic Nov 14, 2008

    The illegal aliens have alot to do with it, but there is also a rise because more and more people are not vaccinating their children. I love how many peole against vaccinations are then amazed because there has been a resurgence of diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella and whooping cough. Soon polio will be back too.

  • carolinagurl Nov 14, 2008

    ifcdirector....AMEN to that!!! Third World America....and just think Obama was voted in and it is only going to get worse....

  • ifcdirector Nov 14, 2008

    Welcome to Third World NC where thousands of illegal aliens who by virtue of breaking into our country have little to no vaccinations and are carrying an assortment of diseases. I nearly lost my own mother to such a disease that I was told was most likely brought here by illegal aliens. Enjoy and remember just keep voting democrat. Thanks comrades.

  • Mrs Fabulous 1 Nov 14, 2008

    OMG!! How on earth did the child get it? I hope it was spread amongst too many people. Lord help them!

  • thefensk Nov 14, 2008

    I am amazed they even managed to diagnose it. I am pretty sure I had it one time and they just said I had a bad cough. Later I heard a recorded example of the "whoop" and it brought back chills to me ... that is what I was doing as I almost passed out during the coughing fits. This was like only 10 years ago.