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DA: Deputy won't face charges in fatal shooting

Posted November 12, 2008

— Orange County District Attorney Jim Woodall says a sheriff's deputy was justified in using deadly force when he fatally shot a man suspected in a series of crimes in August.

Orange County Deputy Joshua Scott Wiseman, 23, shot Christopher Dean Trivett, 32, on Aug. 2 on New Sharon Church Road in the northern part of the county. Trivett had been wanted on attempted first-degree murder and burglary charges, among others.

Woodall decided not to file charges after reviewing a State Bureau of Investigation report.

Police say Wiseman had responded to a 911 call from someone who recognized Trivett from media reports.

Woodall reported Tuesday that the deputy caught up with Trivett after a chase and ordered him to put his hands up.

Woodall says Trivett instead reached into a backpack. Wiseman then shot Trivett, fearing he was reaching for a gun.


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  • MajorLeagueinfidel Nov 13, 2008

    This Deputy spent nearly four months on Admin. leave/duty wondering if he would be arrested/exonerated...whether he would still have his job and keep his badge...wondering if there was something else he could have done...playing it over and over again.....talk about a huge amount of stress. To believe there are people out there who believe Cops go around looking to shoot people?? Who would want to go through 3 months of potential life altering stress?....thankfully he was cleared..

  • fireman3014 Nov 12, 2008

    that would be the one wa4mjf

  • RonnieR Nov 12, 2008

    Wasn't Pendergrass the one that had the wind traken out of his sails when he shot a robber 6 times with a .357 and was accused of excessive force? I think that kinda made him gunshy.

  • fireman3014 Nov 12, 2008

    chfdcpt that was on the money..good post

    i have worked with a lot of these deputies in orange co. and they are good people. they have their hands tied due to the sheriff (lindy pendergrass) not allowing them to do there jobs accordingly. i personally have called them multiple times about a house in my neighborhood manufacturing and selling cocaine and marijuana and the sheriff would do nothing about it. thank god durham city police finally took them down. we need a new sheriff in town..

  • chfdcpt Nov 12, 2008

    ncguy, he was not out of work. He was on administrative leave, which means he was getting paid. In the case of the Sheriff's office, he could have been placed on jail duty.

    Any officer involved in a deadly force incident is pulled out of the street until the officer is cleared by the SBI. It is standard practice. If they do not have a desk to reassign them, then they are on administrative leave with pay.

    But all being said and done, thank you Deputy Wiseman. You did your job, and you came home to your loved ones.

  • down by the pond Nov 12, 2008

    well DUH, should there have been any question??? no wonder cities like raleigh and others across the nation are facing an officer shortage,,,,,NO SUPPORT TO DO YOUR JOB.
    a trained officer does not want to use his gun in deadly force and has to make split second decisions,, sometimes in the dark of night,,, and shame on people who want to second guess that,,officers just don't drive around shooting guns up in the air,,,,,GEEZ,,,,taxpayer money spent on deciding not to press charges,,,, maybe that county needs more to do.....

  • ncguy Nov 12, 2008

    The only thing bad about this is the sheriff was out of work for this.

  • Phoenix68 Nov 12, 2008

    "DA: Deputy won't face charges in fatal shooting."

    Was there any question...? You have a psycopath who shot someone, comitted burglary and rape, who then disobeys commands given by an officer and is shot and killed. I understand the necessity and protocol of an investigation by the SBI, but does the DA's office have to make a big production (along with the news media) that the officer is not going to be criminally charged for doing his duty? Give him an accomodation instead.

    This is the typical message sent to law enforcement in Orange County, who are constantly forced to operate under the "liberal vocal minority" views of the county's constituency: Be afraid of doing your job.


    Thank you officer for saving us tax payer money on a trial.

    Also you will not get shot if you follow the officers directions.

  • MadBiker Nov 12, 2008

    Note to self: follow the directions of law enforcement officials.