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Durham targets teens to reverse youth violence trend

Posted November 11, 2008

— Three days after two teens were killed at a party, city officials held a Youth Summit to try to stem a rising tide of violence involving teens.

Shelton Henderson Jr., 19, and Nathan Elmoore, 17, were fatally shot as they left a party at 906 Glendale Ave. late Saturday, police said. Two other people, including a teen, were wounded in the shooting.

Deamonte Tavaris Brooks, 19, and Dylan Shaquan Turner, 17, have been charged in the shootings, police said.

In Durham's 22 homicides this year, six victims were under 21, as are eight of the suspected killers. Statewide, murder arrests of juveniles jumped 15 percent in the last year.

The fifth annual Youth Summit, which also addressed sexuality, substance abuse and future career goals, targeted youths who have gotten into trouble in the past, as well as their parents.

"I've been through almost everything you could probably name," said Brian Satterwhite, one of the participants in the event. "I learned about violence and how it affects people."

Satterwhite said many of the people he grew up with are in gangs, and some have died.

"Some of the people that deserve to be here aren't here because they are either out here selling drugs, not going to school or dead," he said.

The Youth Summit and other programs have taught him how to stay out of trouble, he said. Caring adults are part of the formula, he said.

"Some adults need to talk to their children and let them know that they are there for them, that they have somebody to lean on when they are in need," he said.

Tunisia Muhammed attended classes for parents at the event.

"(We need to) just basically being there for them, letting them know they have somebody and that you don't have to join a gang to feel accepted and a part," Muhammed said.


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  • me2you Nov 12, 2008

    they need to REQUIRE every parent in crime ridden neighborhoods to sit all day at one of these events and help THEM learn to raise their children. It starts w/ the parents, not kids.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Nov 11, 2008

    They're having a Youth Council because everyone has basically given up on the parents to do something called "Decent Parenting". Its a losing effort. If the parent/s, these kids look up to, doesn't go through a life changing, the kids have NO SHOT! But I guess people feel we need a Youth Council to make us all feel better. Because that's about all its going to accomplish. If the parent/s don't want to change, its not worth spending money or time on. The best thing we could do is give out free arm-implanted birth control. That's about the only way to stop the cycle.