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Search for missing Granville mom focuses on husband

Posted November 4, 2008

— Agents from the State Bureau of Investigation have joined the search for a missing woman from Stem.

Kelly Morris was last seen on Sept. 3. The next day, police found her car, keys, purse and cell phone in an undeveloped subdivision, shortly after firefighters responded to a fire at her home, 3220 Tump Wilkins Road.

The Granville County sheriff has said her husband, Scott Morris, is a person of interest her disappearance.

On Tuesday, the SBI returned search warrants for Kelly Morris' e-mail account and for a Chase Bank Visa card in her husband's name.

The warrants outline the inconsistent stories and actions of Scott Morris in the hours and days after Kelly's disappearance.

Scott Morris told sheriff's deputies that his wife had gone to look for a missing dog on the night of Sept. 3. He told his father that he suspected her of cheating on him to explain her absence that night.

Granville County sheriff's investigators are asking anyone with information about the fire or Morris' disappearance to contact them at 919-693-3213.


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  • bluewind Nov 7, 2008

    Here's a big surprise...yeah, right.

  • nealsgirl Nov 7, 2008

    cookie is right, not all cases have DNA, however arson wouldn't either, it would have been destroyed and the person who set the fire probably knew that too. I pray everyday for Pat to find his littlegirl, and for answers to all these accusations. Maybe soon we will all have the answers we seek. Prayers and thoughts for the Currin family and those preciuos little girls.

  • Starling Nov 7, 2008

    Okay GodBless....truce. Like Pat Currin said, hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. Hopefully, the answers will come soon. This has touched the hearts of so many people; therefore, we all need the closure. Faith is believing in the unknown so having faith that Kelly will be found alive is good. But as time goes on, keeping that faith gets harder.

  • dwanny01 Nov 6, 2008

    My prayers are with the Currin Family. May you find peace. God Bless you. dwanny01,Durham,NC

  • dwanny01 Nov 6, 2008

    I wish that they could find Kelly's body so that the family can have some closure. I know that they are devastated to have their daughter disappear without a trace. If Scott did it then he should be a man and tell them where she is. Why does one have to be murdered. Why can't they just walk away. dwannyo1,Durham,NC

  • Common Sense Man Nov 6, 2008

    "Good comment. The evidence will surely have to PROVED that he committed murder along with DNA. If they don't have this they will not be able to send an innocent man to prison for a murder he MAY NOT HAVE committed."

    Stop watching CSI, not every case has DNA evidence.

  • GodBless Nov 6, 2008

    yoohoo...I am only trying to get someone somewhere to listen and have faith. Just because Kelly is missing does not mean she is dead!

  • GodBless Nov 6, 2008

    See...now you are putting words in my mouth darling starling. I never said that! Are you thinking it? I have prayed about this really hard!

    Other than the scenario you came up with in your mind while reading something into my post...

    What about amnesia? Maybe she doesn't know where she is or who she is. Have you considered that? Maybe...just maybe...if someone tried to kill her and thought they succeeded and didn't...you never know.

    Just because YOU don't know where she is does not mean she is dead! And yes...I pray I am right about this! If not, I will be the very first to say I was wrong and you were right all along...OK? Let's call a truce here and will you try to understand my positive way of thinking. Let me have hope for all of you and especially for Kelly and her children. That is all I ask. Please stop thinking the worst of me. God listens to my prayers, too. We are just not praying for the same thing. You want justice and I want her to be alive.


  • yoohoo Nov 6, 2008

    To Kelly's family and friends: Rest assured that LE is dotting their i's and crossing their t's. Scott lied to LE for a reason. Finding Kelly's car with her pocket book, keys and cell phone inside, house burning the next day, cell phone pings, dad coming over to sit with the grandkids, inconsistent statements to LE, etc. are not coincidences. Charges can be brought without a body...even 1st degree murder charges. There is no statute of limitations on murder. Circumstantial evidence can convict. Juries are not stupid. Scott should cooperate with LE and tell them where Kelly is and ask for a plea agreement to save himself. If charged and convicted of premeditated murder, he could face the death penalty. As far as Godbless and Dr. Dataclerk, they're here for the attention. Just ignore the trolls, don't respond, and maybe they'll go somewhere else to get the attention they crave.

  • leo-nc Nov 6, 2008

    Godbless, whatever. I have a feeling that facts are going to trump your faith in this case. Believe what you want but so far the facts point to a possibly bleak outcome. Not saying you're not right, but for now I would tend to think the worst based on what I've read.

    As for your comment about LEO's, again, whatever.