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Casket with anti-Obama sticker raises ire in N.C.

Posted November 1, 2008
Updated November 2, 2008

— North Carolina officials are decrying the appearance of a casket with an anti-Barack Obama sticker at a Cravens County polling place.

State Democrats said Saturday the coffin and sticker are an attempt to intimidate people voting early. Republican Party spokesman Brent Woodcox told The (Raleigh) News & Observer that citizens should be outraged.

The NAACP says the casket was in place for at least several hours. A bumper sticker on it showed an image of Obama and the phrase "O' No!"

Craven County Director of Elections Tonya Pitts said the casket was placed at the site by former County Commissioner Bill Harper. It was originally for “Joe the Plumber” and had a sign that read “taxed to death.” Later in the week, Pitts said the anti-Obama stickers were placed on the casket.

The casket was considered an act of free speech since it was further than 50 feet from the polls, Pitts said. The casket was removed by the sheriff’s department on Friday.

An NAACP official told WRAL News Sunday evening that the organization is filing a formal complaint over the casket with the Board of Elections, the Department of Justice and the state Attorney General.

Meanwhile, federal officials say Justice Department personnel will monitor voting Tuesday in several counties in North Carolina and South Carolina as part of a nationwide effort to protect voting rights and prevent fraud.

Observers will be in Alamance County, N.C.; and in Dorchester and Georgetown counties in South Carolina.

(This story contains information from WCBI)


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  • teacher56 Nov 3, 2008

    This is not racial....just distasteful.

  • news4u Nov 3, 2008

    The First Amendment is still alive and well. So why the rampant censorship WRAL?

    We Really Are Liberal

  • alx Nov 3, 2008

    i said nothing untrue nor offensive yet the Obama leaning editor has chosen to disallow my remarks. how stalinistic

  • Travised Nov 3, 2008

    This is similar to the Palin mockup hanging in West Hollywood. Only in this case there was no implied person displayed. Politics (death tax) and taxes often go hand in hand.

    I'm staying out of the way this thread is for discussion... I have places to go tonight. Peace all.

  • ladyblue Nov 3, 2008

    What's up

  • gunny462 Nov 3, 2008

    "Obama is the best and he is the most experienced. Dr. Dataclerk"

    Actually of the 4 people in this race he's the LEAST EXPERIENCED one of them all. Would be nice if a fact was in those rants.

  • gunny462 Nov 3, 2008

    "My children don't act the way you describe. They are well educated and get along with any race they encounter. I pity you and the way you are raising your children. Remember ignorance is bliss. Dr. Dataclerk"

    Wow, can't find any facts to argue and you attack a person's family..... HEEEY!! Obama's people did the same exact thing to Palin and her family! Well what do you know! Dataclerk works for Obama's campaign!

  • gunny462 Nov 3, 2008

    Take a piece of your own advice. Half of the 100 comments on this blog are written by you and most of them are completely disrespectful of anyone who disagrees with your point of view.

    "I should have followed the advice I was going to post to others - stop responding to you because it is a waste of time. Instead I gave you another opportunity to show your disrespect.

    Don't worry injohn, Dr.data is just another Dem plant sent here to bombard the forum with endless meaningless blather. Their real job won't get any better, they'll get a reduction in pay and their med bills will go higher if Obama wins and they just don't care.

  • news4u Nov 3, 2008

    I see racism among 'blacks' frequently. The darker blacks are jealous of the lighter blacks and so forth.




    Whoever wins tomorrow will have my support because I am an American!

  • stupiditydeservesnosympathy Nov 3, 2008

    Today Black America has more opportunities then ever

    "WHERE! See, That what Obama is going to change too. :)"
    Dr. Dataclerk

    Minority businesses get free money, most health care issues target Black americans, and there is that rasist thing called affirmative action, which basicly says that African Americans need help in getting jobs. That alone is an insult to Black America.
    I would have thought you wanted more for your brothers and sisters and not the other way around. But then I see you flip-flop like most dems do.