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Autopsy: Suspect shot by deputies three times

Posted October 30, 2008

— A suspect killed by an Orange County Sheriff's deputy in August had three gunshot wounds, according to autopsy results released Thursday.

Deputy Joshua Scott Wiseman is believed to have fired the shot that killed Christopher Dean Trivett, 32, of Timberlake, on New Sharon Church Road on Aug. 2.

Trivett was wanted in a series of home break-ins, two attempted murders and one attempted sexual assault in Person County earlier that week.

Trivett died of a gunshot wound to the abdomen in which the bullet pierced his heart and lungs, according to the autopsy performed by the Orange County medical examiner.

A second bullet struck his right thumb and re-entered his neck. Trivett was also shot in the left forearm.

Except for nicotine, blood tests did not find any drugs or alcohol in his system.

Orange County investigators have said that deputies became involved in "a shooting incident" after encountering Trivett. At the time, Person County dispatch officials said that Trivett ran from deputies and might have fired first, prompting deputies to return fire.

According to arrest warrants, Trivett was accused of stealing a car from a Wal-Mart in Roxboro and then breaking into three houses in Roxboro and Hurdle Mills between the night of July 31 and afternoon of Aug. 1.

One of the homes belonged to the owner of a plumbing company that Trivett worked for. The owners said that Trivett had been a solid employee and that he did not know what set him off.


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  • killerkestrel Oct 31, 2008

    You aim for the center of mass because it is a bigger target. A shot to the head would stop someone pretty quick, but it is a small target. Legs and arms, small targets. The hits in the thumb and forearm were misses, which is another reason why you aim for the torso. Miss the torso, and you might hit the arms, legs, or head.

    If you are talking about the bank robbers in California that I think you are referencing, they were wearing lots of armor. They kept getting hit in the torso, but they had armor there.

    And Rev. RB has a point. Might have fired first? I know things happen in the heat of the moment, but that is a very important point.

  • southborn60 Oct 31, 2008

    Bless you Rev RB and I can understand how everyone feels, I am the mother-in-law of Christopher Trivett. I can tell you he was a good soninlaw, a fantastic husband and father. We don't know what set him off and we never will.He gave me two beautiful grandchildren ages 4 and 13 months.My daughter is having a hard time dealing with all this, but is holding up for the childrens sake. I feel for deputy wiseman, as I can not imagine what he is feeling. Please continue to pray for my daughter and grandchildren, his family, as I also pray for all the ones he hurt. Bless you all!

  • chfdcpt Oct 30, 2008

    The interviews with the deputies tells who was where/doing what/in what position etc. That way, they can unravel the mess and figure out who may have fired the fatal shots. However, they will not know for sure until a ballistic test is done at the SBI lab in Raleigh. We will have to wait until the SBI turns the results over to the DA in Orange Co. Until then, all the deputies involved will be in administrative leave pending the results.

    Im sorry that Deputy Wiseman had to shoot, he will live with that the rest of his life; it is never easy when you have to take that option. I am not sorry that he gets to go home to his loved ones.

  • its_me_grasshopper Oct 30, 2008

    Why would they say which Deputy fired the lethal shot if they weren't absolutely 100% sure. If I was one of the 3 Deputies, I wouldn't really want to know!

  • str8thuggin Oct 30, 2008

    Good aim, better results. Now days if you shoot someone and they make it. You get sued. Getting sued for doing you job is wrong. This subject could have hurt or killed or even sexually assaulted a perfect stranger. He had to be stopped. Our system would have stopped him until he got out in 10-15years. Better to be tried by 12 then carried by six. Im glad these deputies had good training and that they are at home with their families. Good job.

  • Adelinthe Oct 30, 2008

    Ya know, maybe the shots in the thumb and arm were to try to knock a gun from his hand; still - did they find a gun or not.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Adelinthe Oct 30, 2008

    "...and might have fired first..."

    Might!?! Did they find him with a gun, or not?

    Praying for the officers and for the loved ones of the victim.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • in2horses Oct 30, 2008

    Ya know....... He was still someone's baby!!

  • x138GMOU Oct 30, 2008

    You always shoot to stop the threat, not to kill or wound or warn. Once the threat stops then the use of force continuum de-escalates. That means center mass until the threat stops and we were always taught to "double tap"; that means two shots before any hesitation to see if the threat has ceased. Sorry for any family involved but glad the good guys won this one. They lose too many! Good job SO.

  • bigbr0ther Oct 30, 2008

    I was always told that when a LEO is in that situation its shoot to kill. I wouldnt want to shoot someone in the leg and have him return rapid fire back at me. Plus this sounds really really wrong, but if you do kill him or her, then they can not testify against you in court saying that they were shot for no reason. You know how the lawers are and they would jump all over that case because of the tv time and publicity that they would receive.