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RDU's new terminal opens this weekend

Posted October 24, 2008

— Raleigh-Durham International Airport officials are hoping the opening of the $570 million Terminal 2 will be the ticket to sparking more passengers.

The number of passengers flying out of RDU dropped more than 8 percent last month as airlines cut flights, raised fares and increased fees.

“We have a lot of room here to add service, add flights, and even though current times are not so great, the opportunity is there and airlines generally take advantage of the best opportunity,” RDU Airport Director John Brantley said.

The first phased of Terminal 2 opens to travelers Sunday The second phase is scheduled to open in 2011.

It replaces Terminal C, which was built in 1987 as a hub for American Airlines. It is the airport’s first new passenger facility in more than 20 years.

The north concourse of the terminal will feature 19 gates, seven security checkpoint lanes and 26 shops and restaurants in 550,000 square feet. The south concourse will add 13 gates, another seven security lanes and 17 more retailers.

Some of the merchants expected in the new terminal are 42nd Street Oyster Bar, Carolina Ale House, A Southern Season, Brooks Brothers and Apple iPod.

American, American Eagle, Delta, United and Air Canada will initially fly out of the terminal. Continental, Northwest and US Airways will move to Terminal 2 when the south concourse opens.

Also in Terminal 2, a new no-touch passenger security checkpoint system will be in place. The technology will be an alternative to the traditional pat down.

The $177,000 Whole Body Imager uses millimeter wave technology that projects beams of radio frequencies over the body's surface and constructs a three-dimensional image of the body, without clothing, displayed on a remote monitor.

Transportation Security Administration officials, however, say officers in remote locations from the scanners view the images, which are automatically deleted after use. And because faces are concealed, a person's identity is never know


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  • Soup is Good Food Oct 24, 2008

    They should have replaced the blue pole barn, Terminal 1.

  • 12345_here Oct 24, 2008

    "So 570 million $ building will only buy us 20 years? High airline fees gives them too much money to play with I guess. What am I missing?
    No the old building , built for an AA hub, lasted 20+ years. this one will last longer.

    This new one for 570 million will allow 5 million passengers a year.

    at 20 years, that is 100 million passengers. Assuming these passengers spend 5-6 dollars fee for facilities on their tickets, plus security charges, plus shopping, plus parking, and you have a good profit over 20 years.

  • ROA2RDU Oct 24, 2008

    That terminal is a beauty!

  • NeverSurrender Oct 24, 2008

    "WXYZ, what sort of screening process would you like to see replace TSA? I agree that TSA is an imperfect system...but I hope that you are not proposing that airline passengers should not be screened at all."

    No, but I'd offer that there is a reasonable compromise between no screening and the screening passengers get when they fly the Israeli flag carrier.

    The Israelis do not play around...no one is really "trusted" and the number of interviews you can expect from a Mossad agent before you get near the door of the aircraft varies depending on whether you're an Israeli national (usually one interview) all the way at least three interviews for Arabs.

    Now, how many Americans are going to stand for having to show up 3-4 hours ahead of departure to complete the screening process?

    Yep, not many!

    What TSA needs to do is reasonably counter the threats without lapsing into absurdity such as the liquids or removing shoes stupidity.

    Then they need to hire REAL PROS who are CONSISTENT!

  • WXYZ Oct 24, 2008

    9/11/01 Facts: (1) Boston airport screeners did not fail to apply rules then in effect--box cutters were allowed. (2) Pilots followed rules then in effect, i.e. follow hijacker's orders.
    Now: Put airport police and screening personnel back in the employment of the airlines (i.e. "defederalize" as much as possible). Allow family and friends to meet at the gates (i.e. no more "passengers only"). Make the planes "hijack proof": i.e. pilots NEVER give control of the aircraft to a hijacker; and make forced entry into cockpits impossible. Establish a "community watch" type of environment in Airports; i.e. allow passengers to report any illegal or suspicious behavior (they should already be doing this). The airlines are ultimately responsible for who they allow on their airplanes, not the federal government. Make airports truly "public places" where personal dignity, the right to travel and civil rights are never compromised.

  • gr Oct 24, 2008

    The glass might be a less expensive solution but then again unless one works at the airport how much time does the average traveler have to look at it or thru it.....maybe it will work after all. Just wish RDU was closer than 1 1/2 hrs from my house.

  • whatelseisnew Oct 24, 2008

    I say get rid of the screening. If you thing it is making you safer, you are seriously kidding yourself. Every time they test the system they are able to sneak stuff past the screeners. It will always be that way. So save the money, and people need to decide whether it is worth it to fly or not.

  • seeingthru Oct 24, 2008

    the only thing that will 'spark' more passengers is lower airfares, etc, right now travel to UK is sorta out of the loop due to HIGH PRICES...............

  • FullOfId Oct 24, 2008

    WXYZ, what sort of screening process would you like to see replace TSA? I agree that TSA is an imperfect system...but I hope that you are not proposing that airline passengers should not be screened at all.

  • Dr DatacIerk Oct 24, 2008

    ...just in time for the sluggish economy low rate of air travel.