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Phil Seligmann statement on Crystal Mangum's claim of sexual assault

Posted October 23, 2008

Phil Seligmann, father of former Duke lacrosse player Reade Seligmann, responds to a statement made by Crystal Mangum, who said Thursday she is "still claiming that a sexual assault happened," at a March 2006 party, even though the North Carolina attorney general found otherwise.

"It is now beyond dispute that Reade Seligmann is innocent and was the victim of demonstrably false accusations by Crystal Mangum. The attorney general of North Carolina dismissed Ms. Mangum's case, finding that Reade was innocent. The former lead detective for the Durham Police Department testified under oath that Crystal Mangum 'was not telling the truth about anything.' Electronic records, including cellular telephone calls and ATM photographs, proved Reade Seligmann was not even present when Ms. Mangum claimed the assault occurred. The forensic DNA findings revealed between five and nine different male profiles in and on Ms. Mangum – none of which matched any person on the Duke men's lacrosse team. Ms. Mangum showed no injuries consistent with the beating and sexual assault that she claimed had occurred.

"Ms. Mangum's 'manuscript' is simply a pathetic attempt to further her need to remain in the public eye at the expense of demonstrably innocent individuals. Her incoherent passages are not based on facts, but are quite simply false ramblings. She ignores all of the verifiable facts of the case. The individuals associated with her publication of this 'manuscript' are seeking to advance themselves by associating with a woman who has a dubious past.

"No crime of any kind took place involving Ms. Mangum or any member of the Duke men's lacrosse team.

"We are presently evaluating all available legal options. If Ms. Mangum and those associated with her continue to slander Reade, we will have no choice and will not hesitate to utilize those options."


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  • hehateme3217 Oct 23, 2008

    I personally hope that they do pursue some kind of charges against her. I don't believe she should be able to make a single red cent off of this book, even if she does claim it's more about her life than this case. No one would want to read about her life if not for the case, and she single-handedly almost ruined at least 3 lives. The nerve she has to even show her face to promote this book just makes me mad.

  • 2close2durham Oct 23, 2008

    Mr Seligman,
    As a native North Carolinian, I is my shame that this politically inspired travesty is allowed to go on and on. The political powers in this state and the federal government are so cowed by the "voting block" in Durham that they can not do what an honorable individual would do. There should be a Federal investigation of the misuse of power and funds in this false persecution. Please do what you can to protect your family from the slander. Maybe it will cause someone with integrity to step up and be a Statesman and not a politician. God Bless you, your family and those who were effected by such evil.

  • Duke 79 Oct 23, 2008

    I think now would be a good time for AG Roy Cooper to reconsider his decision not to prosecute this woman for filing a false police police report among other things - she needs to be proven a liar so this matter can end.

  • Libandproud Oct 23, 2008

    Bravo, Mr. Seligman. I hope you sue this immoral liar for every cent she ever made or ever will make. She should be hounded until the end of her days for deliberately trying to destroy innocent people.