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Creedmoor dredging project under way

Posted October 22, 2008

— A repeatedly delayed dredging project to help improve water quality in Creedmoor is finally under way.

The $1.7 million Lake Rogers project started last week and is expected to continue until spring.

Creedmoor stopped producing its own water last summer after the water level of Lake Rogers dropped low and there was too much sediment in it. The city now gets water from the South Granville Water and Sewer Authority.

City officials said the dredging of Lake Rogers will mean they have an option for water in an emergency.

For the city to begin producing its own water, the current water treatment facility would need about $2 million in renovations, officials said.

“It’s something that we’re probably going to have to look at over the next several months,” Mayor Darryl Moss said.

Seven years ago, the city tacked a $1 surcharge onto local water bills to help pay for the project. The surcharge lasted for more than a year and raised about $150,000.

Since then, Moss said, the city has spent years dealing with permitting and assessment issues.

“I don’t think anyone anticipated this project taking seven years to get done,” Moss said.

Creedmoor resident Danny Emory was among many residents who paid the surcharge in 2001.

“I wanted to know why the money wasn’t being spent for the dredging,” Emory said.

Officials said money for the rest of the project is coming from state and federal aid.


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  • fuzzmom Oct 22, 2008

    Thank God someone is finally saying something about these water bills!! Creedmoor is much more expensive than Durham or Wake! Try $95 a month for water. I've never seen worse or more expensive water.

  • heatherdianne6378 Oct 22, 2008

    Taxes may be higher up here in Creedmoor, but my house is bigger than anything I could afford in Raleigh. On subject though, I just hope this clears up the water problem so we either pay less or get better quality water. When I have 2 animals die from drinking the 'safe' water up here in Creedmoor, I resent paying $60 a month! And then still have to buy bottled water to cook with, drink, and give the animals that survived.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Oct 22, 2008

    While their at it, they need to dredge the Falls Lake to create more water storage capacity.

  • jr1brown Oct 22, 2008

    I know that overall it is way more expensive to live in Raleigh.
    Could you afford a home in Raleigh that compares to what you live in now? Oh, I forgot you live in a tent out there in hickville.

  • vaulter Oct 22, 2008

    jr1brown: you need to check your facts before you say anything, taxes are higher in Creedmoor than in Raleigh...

  • Love my 3 kids Oct 22, 2008

    Taxes in Creedmoor are higher than in Raleigh you pay .99 per thousand. Per a Raleigh resident!!!!

  • jr1brown Oct 22, 2008

    Then why don't you move to Raleigh if it's so CHEAP over here?
    You don't know what you're missing, except a lot more taxes, etc. than you will ever pay in Granville County!

  • Love my 3 kids Oct 22, 2008

    It is amazing I can pay 70.00 for one month and Raleigh residents pay 45.00 for two months

  • 2beornot2be Oct 22, 2008

    I find it hard to believe there is 7 years of beauracratic red tape to get a dredging project started! Creedmoor is paying for services they are not receiving. To dredge the lake only for emergency is ludicrous! Those poor residents of Creedmoor will continue to pay the SGWASA high rates. 65.00 water bill for 1 person is crazy!