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Developer and councilman at odds over Holly Springs road

Posted October 22, 2008

— A road project is creating controversy in Holly Springs.

A portion of Green Oaks Parkway was supposed to be paid for by the developers of the new 12 Oaks Golf Community.

The 1001 Green Oaks Lane project came to a halt when contractors violated a permit by working in an environmentally sensitive area, town officials said. Then the developer experienced money problems so the town stepped in.

So far, town officials say the road has cost Holly Springs more than $200,000.

"Based on the numbers that I have seen, it is not $200,000, it is $642,000.,"Councilman Vinnie DeBenedetto said.

At a Town Council meeting Tuesday evening, DeBenedetto made a motion to hire an attorney to look into the town's agreement with the developers. 

DeBenedetto said he wanted to find out if the town could recoup the money owed, plus interest, and also be reimbursed for hours town workers spent on the project.

"Every contract we ever enter into in the future is going to come up for question because we can't trust the Town Hall because once they go into an agreement, one of the councilmen is going to say, 'Well that agreement isn't any good anymore,'" Councilman Chet Vanfossen said in response to DeBenedetto's motion.

The Town Council voted three to two not to hire an outside attorney.

According to the town's contract with the developer, the money will be paid back eventually with development fees for each home built.


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  • HS Resident Oct 24, 2008

    I second that Lemmingno.

  • Lemmingno Oct 23, 2008

    Really Linux? Things are not what they seem? Tell me then, why does it seem VD does not want Holly Springs Hospital to come to town? Why was he the only Council member not present at the CON meeting?

    Why does it seem VD has a society of friends that are "haters" of everyone and everything good in this town?

    For the last decade this town has progressed. From bustling commercial growth, to honors for various town hall departments. Accolades all around! How is it then that VD continues to badger town staff, using up their valuable time that could be used on other projects, has them all scared that they will be publicly embarrassed because they didn't jump when he said to or didn't come up with the "big stinkin' fish" he needs in his little fishing expeditions .

    Yes, things are not what they seem. There's a movement in Holly Springs to destroy the reputation this Town and its employees who have worked so hard to achieve. One man and his political agenda will ruin us.

  • linux Oct 23, 2008

    I think the taxpayers in Holly Springs should have the right to ask the questions and get answers not the run around. Councilman DeBennedetto is asking the right questions - I just get the feeling that things aren't always what they appear to be in this town.

  • Lemmingno Oct 22, 2008

    This is not about a road, this is about dirty politics.

  • Beachnut Oct 22, 2008

    lizard you need to support your so-called history with some real facts. But you don't actually have any now do you?

  • HS Resident Oct 22, 2008

    Why has WRAL chosen to say "Developer" and not Wakefield Development, becuase that is the developer in question here.

  • BULLDOZER Oct 22, 2008

    The deal was that Wakefield(the developer) had already paid fees that the town was then going to cash in for the balance to finish the road. The section of road in question was almost ready to be paved, and was less than a 1/2 mile long. So the $654,000 to complete was an amount that was added on in an earlier town council meeting and unanimously approved by all members including Counclamn Vinnie D. Also, the story did not include the fact that the road is a major artery to the new Novartis Campus which will bring millions in tax revenue to the town of Holly Springs. There is much more to this story than what has been written, but suffice it to say the town will get their money and then some when all this is done.

  • lizard Oct 22, 2008

    Impact fees aren't large enough and they artificially inflate the price of homes. If you make them large enough then there will be no development, people will stop coming and start moving and then the municipality becomes a ghost town. That's the history facts.

  • jbyrd Oct 22, 2008

    Can you say IMPACT fees? If tax payers whether city, county, state, or federal foot the bill for new development ie. schools, roads, etc. then those that benefit from this required new infrastructure should pay it themselves in the form of impact fees sufficient to cover at least 75% of the initial costs. The other 25% should come from those making profit from the development.

  • lizard Oct 22, 2008

    pretty cheap price for a road