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Biden to hold rallies in three N.C. cities

Posted October 20, 2008
Updated October 21, 2008

— Joe Biden, the running mate of Democrat Barack Obama, plans to make solo appearances in three North Carolina cities Thursday, the campaign announced Monday.

The vice-presidential candidate will make his last stop of the day at Meredith College in Raleigh. He will speak at 7 p.m. in McIver Amphitheater, 3800 Hillsborough St.

Tickets are not required for the free event, but officials urged people to RSVP at the campaign's Web site. Doors open at 5 p.m., and space is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Biden plans to first conduct a rally in Charlotte, followed by a 2:15 p.m. rally on Hearn Plaza at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem. Details of the Charlotte event have not been announced.

Biden's appearances comes as polls point to a tight race between Obama and his Republican rival John McCain in a state that has quickly become a battleground.

McCain conducted two rallies in North Carolina last week, while Obama made his sixth visit to the Tar Heel state since the May primary. Biden has appeared solo once before in North Carolina, while McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin, has spoken before North Carolina crowds twice this month.

The last Democrat that North Carolina voters picked for president was Jimmy Carter in 1976.


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  • gunny462 Oct 22, 2008

    "If it's so crazy why has the DNC gone to court to block the lawsuit? Baraks Kenyan grandmother is on record stating that she was present at Barak's birth in Kenya. Barak was apparently adopted by his step father and went by his last name in Indonesia - Barry Soetoro. That school only accepted Indonesian Citizens. Check this link out too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyspCRmJv7w The Fox"

    Maybe that's why he can't get a Top Secret clearance?!

  • The Fox Oct 21, 2008

    Wiseowl: Barak is assumed to be a citizen of Indonesia. If he would simply provide a complete certified birth certificate maybe this can be cleared up. He won't do this. Some individuals point to the abbreviated Hawaii certificate of birth posted on line with the funky seal as proof. McCain provided his birth certificate up front. He was born in the Canal Zone to legal aged US citizens.

    “[8 U.S.C. 1403](a) Any person born in the Canal Zone on or after February 26, 1904, and whether before or after the effective date of this chapter, whose father or mother or both at the time of the birth of such person was or is a citizen of the United States, is declared to be a citizen of the United States.”

  • SeaSoldier Oct 21, 2008

    Maybe Biden will eat some of our NC Pork Barbeque. Obama only had the chicken at a Fayetteville restaurant. Gee I wonder why he didn't have any "PORK Barbeque"?

  • stupiditydeservesnosympathy Oct 21, 2008

    Libs don't care about the truth b/c they are mindless drones programmed to beleive whatever the Democratic party beleives.

  • pebbles262004 Oct 21, 2008

    Boy, if you say anything about O you had better be ready to fight. It beats all I've ever seen. I think there is going to be alot of disapointed people when they find out he is not what they think he is and it will be to late then.

  • colliedave Oct 21, 2008

    I've heard it mentioned that Obama is favoring Bill Clinton for the Supreme Court

    Isn't he disqaulified since he has been disbared and has lost his license to practice law

  • Deacons Oct 21, 2008


  • Deacons Oct 21, 2008

    Barack Obama is not legally a U.S. natural-born citizen according to the law on the books at the time of his birth, which falls between "December 24, 1952 to November 13, 1986?

    Presidential office requires a natural-born citizen if the child was not born to two U.S. citizen parents, which of course is what exempts John McCain though he was born in the Panama Canal. US Law very clearly stipulates: ".If only one parent was a U.S. citizen at the time of your birth, that parent must have resided in the United States for at least ten years, at least five of which had to be after the age of 16." Barack Obama's father was not a U.S. citizen and Obama's mother was only 18 when Obama was born, which means though she had been a U.S. citizen for 10 years, (or citizen perhaps because of Hawai'i being a territory) the mother fails the test for being so for at least 5 years **prior to** Barack Obama's birth, but *after* age 16. It doesn't matter *after*.

  • bs101fly Oct 21, 2008

    "Please view this about Obama not being a US Citizen. Why has this not been pursued???"

    because people with brains know the truth!

  • Libandproud Oct 21, 2008

    John McCain ws born in Panama. Manuel Noriega was the drug-running military dictator of Panama during the 1980s. John McCain was elected to Congress in the 1980s. Arizona (McCain's home state) is much closer to Panama tham Illinois (Obama's home state). Coincidence? I think not!!!!! McCain is clearly a drug-selling fascist.