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Opponents: New Wake school would hurt slave cemetery

Posted October 14, 2008

— Neighbors of a proposed high school say the facility shouldn't be built near Raleigh because it could encroach on what they believe is a slave cemetery at the site.

Officials want to build a new school on Forestville Road in northeast Wake County, but The News & Observer of Raleigh reported Tuesday that neighbors are concerned about increased traffic.

The Wake County Board of Commissioners has voted to buy the land.

Residents near the site say the cemetery's presence could be enough to halt the project. County officials said they're moving forward with construction but will try to protect the graveyard. Officials said if the graves can't be protected, they will be moved.


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  • WRALcensorsforIslam Oct 14, 2008

    This is ridiculous. Graves are moved all the time to accomodate development. Before it even goes that far, no one is certain if or how many graves may or may not be in or around or near this site. If graves are found, move the remains, if any, and rebury them elsewhere. The chances of remains being found are between slim and not at all. No one alive can honesty say their family members are buried on that plot of land. As such the state has a responsibility if any remains are found, no one else. It's interesting that whoever started this rumor that there were bodies buried on the site didn't bother to mark or otherwise tend the graves, oh, at least the day before the site was identified for development. There are things people really care about, then there is the nonsense they say they care about.

  • Commentor5 Oct 14, 2008

    I'm white and I disagree with the school building anywhere near this grave. Today's in the N&O has a school board member say "we will try to build around it". Gee, I bet if it was one of their family "white" grave sites, they would push to build elsewhere.

    Folks, not only is this a historical site and should remain intact AS IS, it is also a place where souls have gone to rest. The school board should rethink their plans instead of intruding.....don't you all agree? People are people, no matter what color of skin they have.

  • colliedave Oct 14, 2008

    There has to be a way that honors the land AND allows for the construction of a new school.

  • ncmickey Oct 14, 2008

    Its a historical site and should be preserved. Build the school in a way that it wont be damaged. The school could use it as a good teaching tool.

    Its our past and we have to remember it. No different than a civil war site...all part of the fight for freedom.....

  • Daikon Oct 14, 2008

    "it could encroach on what they believe is a slave cemetery at the site"
    ...do we know for sure that it's a slave graveyard? are there any markings? what exactly is the "proximity" to the school? If it is in fact a graveyard, let's mark it and recognize it, and pay proper homage.

  • grayboomerang Oct 14, 2008

    Amusedone.....whether they build this school or not...no guarantee that your kids won't be bused 12 miles or even more in the crazy Wake Co. system.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Oct 14, 2008

    I don't see a problem. Build a new school down the road for everyone except the people that live near this supposed cemetary. Then anyone who lives near this supposed cemetary land, bus their kids 12 or 15 miles away to southern Raleigh. Either allow them to build the school, or have your children bussed aross the County.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Oct 14, 2008

    Dog1Der, why are you maligning us Atheists? For what? Because we don't believe in Zeus or Apollo or other imaginary deities?

    And, how long should a cemetary be protected? If people continue breeding, all land will eventually become scarce sooner or later. What's stopping the entire world from looking like Jersey City and where should cemetaries be inside of busy cities?...next to the coffee shop? What if it's only 3 graves? Maybe we should look at how land-tight Europe deals with cemetaries...you don't own the plot, you rent it for 50 years.

  • Amusedone Oct 14, 2008

    Northeast Raleigh needs a high school. It is the fastest growing part of the city and has kids being shipped off to Knightdale to attend school (~12 miles for us).
    As far as to whether or not it is a cemetary vs. slave cemetary vs. confederate cemetary vs. Native American Cemetary...does it matter? IF it is a cemetary, they should relocate the graves to a proper cemetary, no matter who is buried there. It should not take more than an hour to determine whether or not it is a cemetary, and no more than a day to remove the graves (my understanding is that the conjecture is somewhere between 5 and 30 graves...but I could be wrong).

  • kimberly1110 Oct 14, 2008

    Well apparently I'm a devil since I have blue eyes.

    If it is a cemetery, then it should remain---no matter who is in it. Some investigation obviously needs to be done. Wake County Schools needs to get their budget fixed before building new schools though.