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Fayetteville scammer must repay support group

Posted October 9, 2008

— A Fayetteville woman who allegedly scammed a support group for divorcees out of more than $6,000 pleaded guilty Thursday.

To get money from the group Margaret Irene Haithcock, 51, of 655 Monogan St., claimed that she had cancer and that her son had died in Iraq. The group held several events to raise money for her and held a memorial service for her son.

Haithcock was sentenced to 36 months of probation and fined $200. She was ordered to pay $6,200 restitution, undergo a mental health assessment and have no contact with the support group.


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  • airbornemonty Oct 9, 2008

    We had a divorced woman scam my unit one Christmas.
    We fed her dinner and gave her $500.00 so that she could buy christmas presents for her children.

    As it turned out, she and the NCO that was to take her home went bar hopping and spent all of the money we collected for her. How did I find that out? Well the NCO was my roomie.

  • Adelinthe Oct 9, 2008

    "She definitely is in need of mental help..."

    I don't think so; I think she's just scum looking for a free ride.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • Adelinthe Oct 9, 2008

    "Haithc*ck was sentenced to 36 months of probation and fined $200."

    Not enough. She should also have to do a large number of hours community service, working with folks who really have problems.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • steinbeck18 Oct 9, 2008

    what a low life!

  • paddie Oct 9, 2008

    WOW! That's some tough punishment there. Miss Cleo says that woman is gonna disappear and not repay this group what she stole.

  • ChristaS Oct 9, 2008

    She definitely is in need of mental help - and a stretch in jail might not be a bad idea either. Greed, greed, greed.........

  • nathanius Oct 9, 2008

    What is a "suuport" group?

    She should be ashamed of herself. Definetly should have got some jail time, IMO at least 6 months. She is such a disgrace! That is super low to claim that her son served and died in the line of duty.

  • Mr. Keeping It Real Oct 9, 2008

    Silly woman - you can take what is not yours to have!