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Ex-councilman gets no jail time in Marine's shooting

Posted October 8, 2008

— A former City Council member pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor Wednesday in the shooting of a Marine reservist two years ago and received no jail time.

Steve Satisky, 60, pleaded no contest to a charge of misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon in the Oct. 16, 2006, shooting of Cpl. John Lake III outside a Bragg Boulevard sports bar. The charge usually carries up to 150 days in jail, but prosecutors agreed that he didn't deserve any jail time because he had no prior criminal record.

Satisky was placed on probation for 18 months, at least six of which will be supervised. He also has to pay a $1,000 fine and perform 50 hours of community service.

A pawn shop owner who served on the City Council in the 1970s and was on the Cumberland County Alcoholic Beverage Control Board at the time of the shooting, he was indicted last year on charges of attempted first-degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill in addition to the misdemeanor charge.

Satisky claimed self-defense in the shooting, saying a drunken Lake climbed into his car and refused to get out. An unidentified woman was with Satisky in the front seat at the time, authorities said.

Lake's father said he was unhappy with the plea deal.

"He's going to die his own miserable death, no matter which way it goes," John Lake Jr. said of Satisky. "God has a plan for him, and it's in God's hand to deal with Satisky."

The younger Lake was an Iraq war veteran who returned to the U.S. a few months before the shooting. He was in a coma for months afterward, and his father said he still has bullet fragments in his skull that cannot be removed.

The 24-year-old is legally blind and will likely spend the rest of his life in a nursing home, his father said.

Satisky and John Lake III didn't know each other, authorities said, adding they have never been able to determine why Lake got into the car.


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  • FromClayton Oct 9, 2008

    i might have shot him too. or maybe i would have just called the cops. who knows what i would have done. hope i dont ever have to find out.

  • ConcernedNCC Oct 9, 2008

    I'd have shot the guy, too, the instant he started getting in my car. I wouldn't have waited for him to refuse to leave. There was no way to predict why he was there and he could have been about to kill them. "Stupid is as stupid does" and jumping into someone's car who didn't invite you is stupid.

  • airbornemonty Oct 8, 2008

    I'm just speculating, but suppose the woman with the councilman had been making goo-goo eyes at the young Marine behind the councilman's back and the young man was drunk enough to take it serious.

    Now before someone dumps on me, take a minute and think about what I have just written okay?
    It has happened before and will probably happen again somewhere sometime.

  • lilbit278 Oct 8, 2008

    He must have paid the judge & DA off. He should have gotten prison tme and be made to pay all medical expenses.

  • Hell-Raiser Oct 8, 2008

    The shop owner in my opinion was well with in his rights. Break in to any of my property and you will be staring down the barrell of a gun, without hesitation.

  • daMoFo Oct 8, 2008

    The fact that the person was a soldier is irrelevant. Plus, even if it was, how was Satisky supposed to know, have the guy fill out a survey?

    Lots of people carry firearms in their cars. If they're not breaking the law, they don't have to justify the reason.

    And why should Satisky have to leave his car and go for help somewhere else? If someone breaks into your home, should you have to run out of the house to keep from hurting the intruder?

    One person is responsible for this. And that's the drunk man that got into someone else's car, refused to leave then assaulted the driver.

  • clickclackity2 Oct 8, 2008

    Maybe the full story wasn't posted as usual. It seems like the man just got into the car and sat there and wouldn't get out, which sounds like trespassing. And most people don't shoot a man and get away with it, unless he was in grave danger. So, where does it say that the man was assaulted, because I didn't read that part?

  • floseh Oct 8, 2008

    Remember the Boy Scout Motto; Br Prepared. He was and I don't blame him. The Marine was in the wrong.

    The Floseh.
    P.S. I stay prepared.

  • huladick Oct 8, 2008

    The shooter should be in prison. But, because he is "connected" in Fayetteville, he walks. Anyone else would do the time.

    Semper Fi to the Marines family. We still pray for him.

  • Tax Man Oct 8, 2008

    Clearly this man entered a plea agreement to a misdemeanor to end the problem. No major criminal record, a small fine ($1,000 is a lot less than attorney fees for a trial, even if you win), some probation. Obviously the prosecutor sees no felony here or he would prosecute it or require a felony plea. So this is a reasonable end to a sad story. The drunk marine was wrong and got shot - simple story. The man in his vehicle with his gun was not charged for the possession of the gun so he apparently was in the right there. Sorry the marine is in a coma, but you have to take personal responsibility for your actions. The marine was "breaking and entering" the vehicle and then assaulted the man - he was the criminal. Self defense and defense of the passenger and the property are all good justifications for the shooting. At least it is over now. Time to move on. Since he plead "no contest" the marine's family cannot use the plea as proof of any guilt in a civil case.