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Easley: Gas shortage continues to ease

Posted October 7, 2008

— Gov. Mike Easley’s office said Tuesday that no counties or cities were completely out of gasoline as supplies picked up following nearly a month of shortages.

All fuel terminals in the state reported diesel was in stock, a spokeswoman said Tuesday.

Following damage to Gulf Coast oil facilities from hurricanes Gustav and Ike, a gas supply shortage caused some Triangle stations to sporadically run out of gas, either completely or of one or two fuel grades, over the past few weeks. Western areas were harder hit; only one in seven gas stations was open in Charlotte at one point.

Officials in western North Carolina counties and in the Charlotte area said gas deliveries were improving, according to a press release from Easley's office Tuesday.

Sporadic outages in a few areas, including the Triangle, continued, but the long lines from the past two weeks in the western counties have diminished, officials said.

Oil companies were still working on getting full allocations of gasoline and diesel to all stations, including independently owned ones. Easley’s office urged people to remain reasonable and to conserve gas for “a little longer.”


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  • ratherbnnc Oct 8, 2008

    Talking about gas prices! Seems some station in Columbia NC in Tyrrell County this morning is at $2 .99 a gallon.. Yep.. thats right! $2.99

  • rc4nc Oct 8, 2008

    If a category 3 storm can shutdown the gas pipeline from Texas for a month. Seems the least our leaders could do would be to mandate a months supply be stored in state. I've not seen any improvement in the availability of gas. Sunday I had to go to 5 stations before I could get gas. BP@$3.81 I'd heard that only the independent owners were having problems, I was surprized when the Shell station was empty.

  • OLD PIRATE 2 Oct 7, 2008

    me again...the tax isn't based on total sales,its per gallon.
    I don't understand why wral is sending people to Va. to buy gas when they never want to discuss the tax difference between the 2 states.

  • RetGr6 Oct 7, 2008

    I talked with my sister in Missouri a couple of days ago and she told me she got gas for $2.93. Gas prices should be coming down more than they are. They sure went up fast enough! It would help if they cut the tax some. ( I know, that'll never happen! )

  • PaulRevere Oct 7, 2008

    We could use a leader, instead we get a hot air breather.

  • OLD PIRATE 2 Oct 7, 2008

    Common Sense: The terminals are mostly rented space now by the major oil companies. I would doubt if there was some effort to keep tanks low...Fact is they haven't been in good supply shape in months. Still a problem getting product but at least prices are coming down.

  • PT Oct 7, 2008

    I never thought I would see the day when gas prices in NY state were 50 cents a gallon less than NC... Well I saw that this past Sunday... Something very wrong with this picture...

  • luvtoshag Oct 7, 2008

    I got gas in Dunn on Sunday at the Hess station near I-95. They only had regular gas and it took me and 3 others trying to get gas over 5 minutes to get a gallon. Don't know if they have received another shipment or not since then. It was $3.65/gallon.

  • common_sense_plz Oct 7, 2008

    $3.51 in Raleigh...WOW, don't head out in the County. I have traveled from Zebulon to Wake forest last night and this morning, and the price at Wal-Mart in Wake Forest last night was $3.73,the small stations between Zeb. and WF are running around $3.69. Now I know Wal-Mart changes it price daily, and this price may be different today.

    On the other side of this, I believe that it was reported that the NC Petroleum folks would not allow the Huge tanks here in NC to be filled to their fullest capacity now or prior to Ike, so not allowing the tanks in Smithfield/Selma area to be full caused this short term shortage, to keep prices up. If you will go back a review some history on our rising gas prices you will find that we are now hovering around $90.00 a barrel, and previously at this price we were only paying around $2.00 a gallon. Our price per gallon is not reflecting price per barrel.

  • bs101fly Oct 7, 2008

    EASLEY is simply A LIAR!
    There is NOTHING easy about us paying the highest rates in the COUNTRY!
    How about wral get out on the street and give it some REAL coverage!