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Volleyball coach's firing causing rift at Hillsborough high school

Posted October 6, 2008
Updated October 7, 2008

— Players and parents are demanding answers after a popular Hillsborough volleyball coach was fired.

Laurie Calder-Green was terminated as coach last Thursday from Cedar Ridge High School, 1125 New Grady Brown School Road. She also coaches women's basketball and is chair of the English Department, according to the school's Web site.

She is still teaching.

"She is tough and disciplined, but this only prepares us for the real world where parents can't control everything for us,” a volleyball player said.

Players, parents and peers packed a school board meeting Monday evening to voice support for the coach, who has a reputation for being tough.

"I'm not a big fan of this coach, I can tell you as a fellow coach. But I can tell you this, she produces great young women. And what you have done with your decision has done more harm to these women that anything their coach could do,” coach John Egger said.

School administrators aren't commenting on the termination, saying only that it is a personnel matter.

WRAL News spoke with the coach on the phone Monday evening. She says she was shocked and disappointed, but didn't offer any details.

With just two weeks remaining in the volleyball season, players and parents say they feel lost.

"I'm devastated that they essentially destroyed the volleyball program at Cedar Ridge High School,” parent Elisabeth Penland said.

The coach was named Conference Volleyball Coach of the Year in 2004.


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  • ishudknow Oct 17, 2008

    The principal is on the superintendant's hit list because he won't lie for them or go along with them--just like the AD.

  • lspenc01 Oct 15, 2008

    No I'm pretty sure the principal did not have anything to do with LCG being fired because when seven parents complained a year and a half ago he said the only reason those parents complained is because their child did not get playing time. Imagine that.... another excuse from that school. He told my dad to transfer me if we did not like the locker incident and those were his words. I like the new school board leader and actually am thinking of moving back and playing for Orange. At least the superintendent knows that abuse should not exsist on and off the court.

  • ishudknow Oct 14, 2008

    So, do you people know they have now set their sights on Coach Pappas? He wouldn't lie for them, so they are after him. He no longer controls the athletic department. The principal will be the next one after him unless he retires first and beats them to it. Rhodes needs to go. Now.

  • delthbb2 Oct 13, 2008

    Unlike you lspenc01, LCG is not all about me. You are an immature, selfish kid. It shows in everything you write. Again, I wrote that I worked with LCG for 17 summers and saw the awesome person she is in so many lives. My last summer working with her I woke up one morning very sick. She was getting off and had some things she really need to get done. She volunteered to take me to the er. Not only did she take me, she stayed the whole day with me. She never left my side except to go get a friend that had come to check on me. I was two hours from family, but she made sure I wasn't alone. She made sure that that er took care of me. When I was in pain, she stayed on them to make sure I wouldn't be forgotten.
    How dare you bring Hannah and Emily into this! Grow up! This world is not about "me" as you think. A team is not about "me". It is about WE, and you obviously don't understand that.

  • maureenchughes Oct 13, 2008

    Like everyone else, I don't know why it was that LCG was fired, so I can't say if I personally believe that she ought to have been terminated. I know that her style of teaching and coaching was not always appreciated for what it was and that many found her abrasive or over-the-top. But love or hate her techniques, LCG is a fantastic teacher, and was certainly one of the most influential of my high school career. She worked diligently with me to perfect my application essay for UNC, and I feel that one of the reasons I was accepted was because of her attention to me personally. I chose to be an English major, based not only on my own interest in the topics inherent in that program, but also based on the passion I absorbed for those subjects while under the tutelage of LCG. Orange County's education system is dismal enough already, and certainly won't be making advancements forward any time soon with the firing of educators like LCG. I hope for her reinstatement and wish her well.

  • lurker4LCG Oct 10, 2008

    You also didn't learn anything from the incident in the locker room because instead of finishing out the season and coming back ready to work next year, you quit like a coward. You also never got to play in volleyball or basketball because nobody trusted you on the court and you were never especially talented.

  • lurker4LCG Oct 10, 2008

    You are so wrong on so many levels. Whatever you say has no meaning because you werent a part of the team when you went through the program. Coach tried to use her GOOD COACHING ABILITIES to HELP YOU because you were so selfish. She tried to make you see that it wasnt about you or how "mentally abused" you felt and rather that it was about the team and building character. The comment you made "Coaches are suppost to bring you up at your lowest points and she never did that for me." Maybe that's her way of TEACHING and BUILDING CHARACTER because in the real world you aren't always going to have people to build your confidence when you screw up and your parents aren't always going to be there to agree with you. She makes women out of girls. She makes us independent motivated strong women who don't need anyone decide their well-being. Maybe that's why you always seemed to have a boyfriend- because you are weak and pathetic with out someone holding you up.

  • lspenc01 Oct 10, 2008

    The question here is why was she fired? I never said she was a bad coach at all but the best of coaches get fired. People stood up at the meeting talking about how she has taught us character, and my question is how when she never showed character at all? Beating your kid against the locker is character right? Shattered hip or not it does not matter. The rest of the coaches keeping it under the carpet? oh that shows character. Seriously, what does she have to do next? "Mother- Daughter Incident"? Yea right, Hannah was a player at the time. This has nothing to do with playing time at all. The fact is someone actually stood up and had enough guts to say what was happening! She was warned and obviously she did not stop. And those who are actually saying nobody on the team feels the way I do is wrong... obviously some of the new people and their parents have a leveled head and know what she is doing is wrong! People are starting to see that eventually things will catch up to you!

  • lspenc01 Oct 10, 2008

    And by the way--- I never doubted her ability to coach- even the best of coaches get fired. And why??? abuse of course. Others who are sticking up for her may not see it as abuse but I'm pretty sure the way she talked to us, my parents, even my dad, would never had said some of the things she said to us. Its not about ability here at all. MY opinions are not about playing time or anything of that. They have to deal with character. Many players are saying she taught us character, but when I was there she held no character at all. Most of the eleventh graders who are sticking up for her weren't in the locker room with the "Mother- Daughter Incident". She did not even show character when parents were there watching. There is a difference between yelling and what she did. You can yell and still have character. NONE OF WHICH SHE HAD. The people weren't against her because they weren't getting playing time. They knew what she was doing wasn't right. Finally someone stood up!

  • lspenc01 Oct 10, 2008

    No, I'm sorry. I disagree. I have nothing wrong with LCG off the court, away from the game, because she was a wonderful woman in the classroom. I never had anything against her in the class room because she had a good heart. But seriously, LCG started coaching me in 8th grade for YBOA. I had no problems with her that year. And yes I know I was not on varsity and that was between me and LCG for reasons only her and I know. However, I do know that when I went for off season in basketball, every year started off the same and my AAU coach knew I was scared to make mistakes. He would yell at me for not trying something not for doing something, something LCG always use to do. I know of alot of players who played out of fear. And my AAU coach had to correct that every year.
    I never wanted coach to "pity me" or anything like that. I never expected that out of her at all. But every person has a bond with their coach and that never happened to me. She made me hate the game.