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Army releases name of Fayetteville stabbing victim

Posted October 2, 2008

— U.S. Army Special Operations officials said Thursday a woman stabbed to death in Fayetteville this week was a soldier assigned to the 4th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne) .

Sgt. Christina E. Smith, 29, was a graphics illustrator in Company A, 5th Battalion, officials said.

Smith was stabbed in the neck while she was walking with her husband, Sgt. Richard D. Smith, near their house on Baxter Street Tuesday night, police said. She died on the way to a local hospital.

Richard Smith was treated at the hospital for minor injuries. Police would not discuss the nature of his wounds.

Police have not named any suspects.

“The husband stated that he somehow turned back around and his wife was being attacked,” Fayetteville Police Department spokeswoman Theresa Chance said.

Richard Smith, a videographer for Psychological Operations, told detectives he ran toward the person stabbing his wife and the person ran away. He said he then ran to a neighbor's house for help.

The Fayetteville Police Department is heading the investigation. Army’s Criminal Investigations Division is assisting in the investigation, Chance said.

Christina Smith, a graduate of Xavier University in Cincinnati Ohio, earned awards including the Army Achievement Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and Korea Defense Service Medal.

Christina Smith arrived at Fort Bragg in April 2006. Her husband came to the base in February that year. An Army spokesperson on Thursday said Richard Smith has served in Iraq but has been home for more than a year.

She is survived by her husband, and her parents, Katherine and Steven Loehrke of Mount Orab, Ohio.


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  • chris0628 Oct 2, 2008

    This sounds like a set up. The wife dies, but the husband receives only minor injuries. Why would the stabber leave behind a witness!! IT DON'T MAKE SINCE

  • kopfjaeger2001 Oct 2, 2008

    Everyone is quick to blame either the husband or the wife. It is a tragedy and my condolences to the families. Let the police investigate and let them fix the blame, that's their job.

  • Scarlet Oct 2, 2008

    We assume it is the husband first since in most cases IT IS. This story sounds a bit odd. The husband, having been in combat, didn't hear someone comning up behind him and his wife and he just happened to be far enough in front he couldn't interfere at all? It is not naive to infer that it may be the husband - this is not the first time and sadly won't be the last. There is a war on women in this country that no one wants to address. There are stories every day about women being raped, abused, trafficked, kept as slaves, locked in a basement, abducted, harrassed, assaulted, denied rights, forced to have children, not allowed to be priests, ministers and objectified. Get real? Have you been following the news?

  • wrx44 Oct 2, 2008

    Let's all get real here....The husband did it...

    Some of you people live in fairy tale land....just amazing the naivete of some of these posts. Try logic....it helps.

  • sunshinegal0726 Oct 2, 2008

    so terribly sad...praying for the family

  • ajsmall83 Oct 2, 2008

    Everyone needs to stop accusing the husband. It is not always the husband maybe the wife slept around while the husband was gone. Ever think about that. Maybe the secert person couldnt handle that the hubby was there so he said no one could have her. Oh ya again stop blaming the husband!

  • rlewis Oct 2, 2008

    "Also on the news, the first neighbor on the scene reported that the husbands hands were covered in blood."

    I think any man who loves his wife would probably get his hands bloody in an event like this. I think most husbands would be holding their wives closely to them and probably also doing anything they could to slow down the bleeding.

  • janeybelle Oct 2, 2008

    fl2nc2ca2md2nc please don't put negative things on Fayetteville. This was someone in the military more than likely not some one that is from Fayetteville. Most of the bad things that happen in Fayetteville are usually from someone military related.

  • CestLaVie Oct 2, 2008

    usarmychic: Could have PAID someone else to do it.

  • Adelinthe Oct 2, 2008

    Let's not jump to conclusions and start crucifying the innocent now. It could just as easily have been a gang initiation or a person with mental illness.

    Praying for her loved ones.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB