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Judge sets $2.5M bond for Apex man accused of beating, rape

Posted September 29, 2008

— An Apex man was ordered Monday to remain in jail under a $2.5 million bond in a weekend attack on a Cary couple in their 60s.

Gavin John Clevesy, 17, of 311 Milky Way Drive, was charged with first-degree rape, first-degree sex offense, first-degree breaking and entering, first-degree kidnapping, assault with intent to kill and simple assault.

Investigators said Clevesy was intoxicated when he left a party in the McGregor Downs neighborhood shortly before 9 p.m. Saturday. He began knocking on doors, and a couple answered at their home on Edinburgh Drive, police said.

Clevesy hit the man over the head with a statue, a warrant said.

"There's been a break-in here at Edinburgh Drive, and they beat him up," a neighbor told a 911 dispatcher. "I can tell they're hurt."

The woman managed to escape from the house and went knocking on neighbors' doors, asking for help, police said.

"The suspect went out after her and wound up committing a sexual assault and a rape upon her," said Capt. Michael Williams of the Cary Police Department.

Passers-by saw the assault taking place, stopped it and detained the attacker until police could arrive, Williams said.

"He's out there raping the girl," a woman told a 911 dispatcher. "More people are gathering around. My husband is hollering at him to get away from her."

Donnie Bass, who lives in Clinton, and Timothy "Dale" Smith and Justin Smith, both of Garland, were headed home from a wedding reception when they witnessed the assault.

“We just did what we would hope anyone would do for our family,” Bass told WRAL News.

"Them intervening helped us greatly in bring a quick resolution, not only to the two victims but (also) the other people in our community," Williams said.

Police were still trying to piece together the events that led up to the assaults, he said.

The two victims were treated at WakeMed and released.

Clevesy's parents declined to comment Monday after their son's first court appearance.

Clevesy pleaded guilty in March to communicating threats against a person in Cleveland County, according to court records. He was  placed on probation for 18 months and was ordered to be assessed for anger management, to stay off Cleveland County school property and not to assault, threaten or harass a certain individual.

He also was put on probation in June after being convicted of disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia in Onslow County, according to state records. He has a conviction in Wake County for a hit-and-run that damaged property in May 2007.

Clevesy requested a public defender. His next court appearance is scheduled for Oct. 20.


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  • annarules1 Oct 1, 2008

    MacGregor downs had become a place were people go and drink. I know a couple of teens that has parties. I lived on Glasgow and thier are tons of beer bottles and my parents go out at nigth and pick some up while walking the dogs. It also a nighboorhood that teens have money and waste it on drugs and booze. People shouldnt open thier doors at night if thier are not expecting anyone. I feel bad for the couple and I hope they can recove from this nightmare.

  • Selleck Sep 30, 2008

    Deelightful- He didn't close the door.. he violently slammed it. If you had gotten hit by that ,you wouldn't say "he just closed it".

  • Selleck Sep 30, 2008

    Keep Traveling- When leaving the courthouse, the media followed the father and mother out of the court. The father is a pretty big guy and he was so angry he violently slammed the glass door behind him trying to block the media. He's lucky nobody got smacked by that door.

    To the others that would shoot someone breaking into your home- I took a firearms safety course in NC and if someone is breaking into your house and you are home, you can't shoot him unless your life is threatened (as in he has a gun or knife).

    I know, you'd shoot him anyway.. that's how most of the class felt. The instructer said that you should call the cops and run out the back door.
    Again, most of us would shoot him, but there are very defined laws on this. The instructer had shot someone breaking and entering his home and spent jailtime and court time untill his release. He suggested planting a knife..

  • If the shoe fits.... Sep 30, 2008

    This is a true "bad seed." He can't be reformed. I say give him the death penalty rather than our supporting him in prison the rest of his days. I'll never open my door to a stranger again. This is a sad commentary on the state of youth and crime (and the lenient ciminal justice system) in our area. "Bravo" to that high bail.

  • haggis basher Sep 30, 2008

    "If they force their way in, shoot them before they can reach you."

    This is Cary, not the wild west! Your odds of ever being assaulted in your home (other than by your spouse) is tiny and ,I'd guess, considerably less you blowing your own foot or head off with your toy. That gun in your house is much more likely to br used in a suicide, accident or murder than it ever will be for self defense.

  • keeptraveling Sep 30, 2008

    ArkAngels... you must not get many packages from UPS, huh?

  • ArkAngels Sep 30, 2008

    "Everyone has to be careful now about opening their doors to anyone they do not know."

    Be careful now? I have practiced this for about 30 years. If you come to my house and you are not expected, do not expect to get an answer at the door... period.

  • ma2345 Sep 30, 2008

    My mom is 86 and lives a few doors down on Edinburgh. If this had happened while I was there this case would be over. No need to waste money on prison and therapy on this monster.

  • keeptraveling Sep 30, 2008

    Sellect - I didn't see it... tell us about it...

  • Selleck Sep 30, 2008

    Yikes! Here we go again.. If anyone saw the news last night, you saw the Father have a fit of temper.. hmmn.