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Apex store owners at odds with town manager over parking

Posted September 25, 2008
Updated October 7, 2008

— Some store owners in downtown Apex say the town is hurting their businesses.

Officers have moved to temporary trailers behind Salem Street shops while a new police station is being built. However, business owners say those trailers are taking up valuable parking spaces needed for their customers.

"It is kinda hard to run a business if you can't get customers in your store,” business owner Mark Lloyd says.

Renee Lloyd, who owns a nearby salon agrees. She says she opened up shop in downtown Apex because of all the available parking.

"I feel like I have been conned,” she said.

So, the Lloyds – along with other store owners – met Thursday evening with Apex town manager Bruce Radford.

Radford says he feels for the store owners, "but I have a certain job to do to get this building done."

The parking spots were never promised to store owners, Radford says, and temporarily moving the police station to the parking lot was cheaper for taxpayers than other locations by $175,000.

Radford says there are plans to create more parking spots downtown and the old lot will be handed back in 18-months when construction of the new police station is complete.

"It is of a temporary measure,” Radford says.

However, that is not soon enough for shop owners who say customers are passing them by.

Radford says he is working on land deals for additional parking and other ideas, such as shuttle service and bike racks.

The Town Council is expected to discuss the parking issue at their Oct. 7 meeting.


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  • fl2nc2ca2md2nc Sep 26, 2008

    Well, I guess what we can all agree on is that we need more parking downtown. A parking garage was talked about years ago next to or near the fire station, I would think another place for one would be along Seaboard Street between the shops and the railroad tracks.

    I'm not sure why Apex has dragged its feet on more parking but it seems to be coming to a head now that they have taken that lot over. They really do need to do something about it because it is only going to get worse.

  • hkypky Sep 26, 2008

    And I guess my point is that the community center and admin complex was and is a better location for the PD than chewing up space in the downtown area for the same purpose.

    As for the traffic and fullness of the Comm. Center lot now .... I am not so sure that I agree that it couldn't have taken the PD trailers.

  • BULLDOZER Sep 26, 2008

    The shops that are in downtown Apex are unique destination shops. I can not see how someone would be going to downtown apex to shop and then decide to go to Beaver Creek where there are much more mainstream big box vendors that are COMPLETELY different from those in the downtown area.

    So the argument that people will just go to Beaver Creek just does not hold water. However, more parking downtown would be nice.

  • Randy Cox Sep 26, 2008

    I went over to Apex to do some shopping, but I couldn't find a parking space. I left and went over to Cary where parking was plentiful. I spent around $400. My wife bought some things also.

  • fl2nc2ca2md2nc Sep 26, 2008

    The town never planned for the PD to move to the new Town Hall campus. They took over the old town hall, on Saunders Street, and that is where they were always intended to stay... I was simply pointed out that it would not be feasible to move them and their temporary trailers to the town hall parking lot as somebody else had suggested...

  • starlondp Sep 26, 2008

    I live close to downtown and I really don't understand why everyone is so upset about it. This parking lot is fairly new. My friend owns the historic house at the end of Templeton Street and the parking lot replaced a field by her house, so I remember when it was built -- maybe 2 years ago? The police are only using half of it. This other half was hardly used anyway, except when there was a festival. I always saw mostly police cars parked there. If people want to shop there, they will do as they did before the parking lot --- park and walk.

  • hkypky Sep 26, 2008

    fl2nc2ca2md2nc: Kind of makes you wonder why the Town of Apex did not plan/size the Community Center and Town Hall complex to accept Apex PD!?

  • hkypky Sep 26, 2008

    TaxMan: Ah yes, one of the most frequently played card after "If you don't like it, move" .... is something like "If it is a purely public lot, then the city has the right to do with it as it pleases."

    Yes, but no! The City should be more responsible than that.

    Radford and the rest clearly did not understand, nor care, about the impact on local businesses by locating the trailers where they did. The retailers called him on it and the best he could do was come up with the "I feel your pain, but I have a job to do" line.

    What's done is done. All those affected can do is hope the Town of Apex get's it right the next time.

  • hkypky Sep 26, 2008

    Move the trailers to the parking lot of the Apex Community Center and/or Administration Building.

    What Radford and some of the rest of you are taking for granted is that Apex has a reasonably robust downtown and is sort of holding their own economically. No, it is not by accident but it is also not guaranteed to stay that way.

    Moral of story, don't go pinching 1 or 2 or 10 or 20 downtown business owners by making it even remotely incovenient for customers just because you have a project to complete.

    "Shuttle service and bike racks" you can't be serious!

  • no contest Sep 26, 2008

    Hey eviltwinbob there was a good solution. It was called a parking lot until Bruce Radford and others in government decided that business did not need it. And why are people complaining? Because the trailers just appeared without notice. There was no time to look for or offer another solution. One day you have parking and the next day you don’t. Now all you can do is complain because the deed is done.