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Mother: Kelly Morris' marriage had 'problems'

Posted September 18, 2008
Updated September 19, 2008

— The mother of a missing Granville County woman says there was trouble in her daughter's marriage.

Kelly Morris, 28, was last seen the night of Sept. 3 by her husband, Scott Morris, and two children at her home at 3220 Tump Wilkins Road in Stem, according to the Granville County Sheriff’s Office.

The next day, police found Morris' burgundy, 2005 Honda Accord along with her keys, purse and cell phone in an undeveloped subdivision, shortly after firefighters responded to a fire at the home.

Investigators said there was no sign that Morris was in the home when it burned. At the time of the fire, Scott Morris was at work and their two children were at school, authorities said. The fire has been classified as arson.

"I am not well at all,” said Wanda Hollis, Kelly Morris' mother. "I have been going through this with Kelly and Scott for the last year – with the problems."

Hollis said her daughter's marriage was strained and that she had considered leaving her husband.

Granville County Sheriff David Smith has said Scott Morris is what police call a person of interest in his wife's disappearance. He has not made any public statements since she disappeared and has not returned repeated phone calls from WRAL News.

"I felt like if she stayed, something would happen. If she were to leave, something was going to happen,” Hollis said.

The Morris family has hired a team of tracking dogs to try to find her scent.

"I hope she is found soon, just found soon,” Hollis said.

A vigil for Kelly Morris is scheduled for 7 p.m. Friday at the First Baptist Church in Creedmoor.

Granville County sheriff's investigators are asking anyone with information about the fire or Morris' disappearance to contact them at 919-693-3213.


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  • unmews4418 Sep 22, 2008

    Does anyone know if Scott Morris graduated from Southern High in Durham?

  • GodBless Sep 22, 2008

    INNOCENT until proven guilty.

  • tarheelblue919 Sep 22, 2008

    i was thinking a group on here would be good b/c its where we all come to get the latest information on the case. alot of us dont have a facebook page. it would have to be someone that could know about the volunteer information, and meeting places though. i think it would be a good idea and a good place to spread the word when they need help.

  • knowthefacts Sep 22, 2008

    Someone has something set up on Facebook

  • tarheelblue919 Sep 22, 2008

    has anyone thought about creating a group for kelly, for the sole purpose to offer prayers, and main purpose to keep the public up to date on the dates and times and meeting places to volunteer? i dont think it should be a place to accuse, but simply educate the public on how to help, volunteer and offer support....?

  • knowthefacts Sep 22, 2008

    Let me tell you about a case for example that everyone thought "the husband" was guilty. There was a case many years ago of Nancy DeLong. Nancy was raped and murdered and left in her yard by the road. Everyone including her family just knew that her husband was the one who killed her! No evidence to prove that he did kill her. Her husband (Stanley) was quiet (like Scott) and didn't speak to the media, same kind of situation. Many years past a "random guy" was sitting in a bar drinking and appeared to be drunk and told another person that he killed someone in NC and told them what he did to her. The person reported this to authorities and he was arrested and confessed to the murder. I wanted to just to prove a point, NEVER assume. Nancy DeLong's father passed away thinking that her husband was guilty of murdering his daughter! That's very sad for her family including her 2 year old son that was at home the time of the murder! That's why I say, know the facts and never assume anything!

  • knowthefacts Sep 22, 2008

    Dr. Data...I will pray for everyone involved, even you!

  • tarheelblue919 Sep 22, 2008

    i believe in my heart, as a mother, i didnt know her but i do relate on the common ground of motherhood, i would go thru heck n high water to reach my babies. even if i died trying. i simply hope that whatever happened to kelly isnt a mystery much longer, her loved ones must be going insane, and if kelly was harmed, which at this point i think we all know that its not good she hasnt been found or heard from, i hope that person is held accountable. for the community this is frustrating also. this town is small, and this is a whole new experience for everyone to have a tragedy of this magnitude right here at our homes, and everyone has been touched by it. whether you searched yourself, or carried drinks out to searchers walking in front of your house...the community as a whole is just heartbroken over kellys disappearance, and for her girls. its tragic.

  • tj1094 Sep 22, 2008

    does any one have any update i tried to volunteer on sunday. We called the granville county sheriffs office to find out were we needed to be and what time and they said we had to call back today :( my thoughts and prayers go out to the morris family and those children.. I hope the truth will prevail soon!

  • Dr. Dataclerk Sep 22, 2008

    Was Scott thinking about the children when he alledgly took their mother's life. No. Now one day he will have to face them as adults or whenever.