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Raleigh brimming with 'Big Ideas'

Posted September 16, 2008
Updated September 17, 2008

— Raleigh on Tuesday unveiled some "Big Ideas" for its future. Residents and city staff developed the plans; the challenge will be turning those thoughts into reality.

“We wanted to give the opportunity for residents to tell us what big ideas are out there. What would you like to see for our city?” Planning Director Mitch Silver said.

The "Big Ideas" book includes plans to redevelop Capital Boulevard. The project would have a man-made river walk just north of downtown, similar to San Antonio's River Walk, also known as Paseo del Río. Another idea was transportation, from high-speed rails to commuter trains.

And what is a city without a famous landmark? The Triangle Towers monument project would consist of three tall towers at the southern entrance to downtown.

Another plan is making a squirrel the City of Oaks' mascot, with squirrel statues placed all over Raleigh.

One of the most popular ideas was a sports arena or stadium just south of downtown.

“Because it's private property, you clearly have to talk about how do you move from the vision to reality. And some of these ideas can take 10 to 15 years,” Silver said.

The next step is for the city to decide which ideas should be designed and implemented. There is no funding for any of the projects.


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  • mrtwinturbo Sep 18, 2008

    How about naming some streets after children that died as a result cancer etc....

  • manofjustice Sep 17, 2008

    Also, why isn't there an interstate going north to I-85? Be nice to take an interstate instead of hwy 50 to get to Butner and northward.

  • manofjustice Sep 17, 2008

    I said this years ago...gas prices were going to skyrocket and it will get no better. We should have focused on transportation in a 50 mile radus of Raleigh. We should have had trains, buses and cabs in place for this. I am tired of paying 5 bucks for gas. My pay has not gone up. The rest of the stuff...river walk, statues, towers...is unnecessary monies. Think Raleigh. We need to get back and forth to work and grocery stores. We don't care about squirrel statues.

  • Andiecat Sep 17, 2008

    Hey guys, the State already has dibs on the squirrel. It's the State mammal! In 1969 our esteemed General Assembly enacted General Statute Section 145-5, which reads: "The gray squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) is hereby adopted as the official State
    mammal of the State of North Carolina." Also, Raleigh doesn't need any more squirrels downtown because those stupidly placed Highbeam overcup oak trees don't yield acorns! Way to go, Raleigh.

  • jsanders Sep 17, 2008

    Why are Raleigh leaders so eager to conflate "Big Ideas" with "Really Dumb Ideas"?

  • JohnB2012 Sep 17, 2008

    The money would be better spent on maintaining/improving our roads and schools. Having said that, giant squirrels on every corner would be kind of cool! :)

  • ncwebguy Sep 17, 2008

    Since Builder is right with his "we need roads to get around the city" comment, just how are you people getting around now? Are Capital, 440, 540, Falls of Neuse, Strickland, Six Forks, Glenwood, Creedmoor, Leesville, etc. just figments of my imagination? Why don't we ask for drinking water, indoor plumbing and electricty? People need that too.

    The point of this was to come up with *big* ideas, not small ideas from small minded people who only care about themselves.

  • wwyoud Sep 17, 2008

    Yes to builder's comment; yes to more modern architecture - I'm SOO tired of this post-colonial style! - but please, PLEASE NO SQUIRRELS!!!

  • PaulRevere Sep 17, 2008

    This is just "feel good" garbage. How much money was wasted on the paper for this book?

  • seeingthru Sep 17, 2008

    how about tearing all this hideous new "architecture" down and starting again in a traditional vein. This "new" Raleigh is ghastly!