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Brad Cooper's attorneys post surveillance video on Web site

Posted September 16, 2008

— Attorneys for a slain Cary woman's husband, who has been the subject of public scrutiny in his wife's death, have posted grocery store surveillance video and receipts on their Web site in an effort to "restore reason to what has become an unreasonable and persecutory situation."

In the eight videos posted Tuesday afternoon on the Kurtz & Blum Web site, Nancy Cooper's husband, Brad Cooper, can be seen entering, buying what appears to be milk, Tide washing detergent and juice and leaving between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. at a 24-hour Harris Teeter grocery store.

The video and accompanying receipts, his attorneys say, "set the record straight" about when he was at the store and refute speculation that he was buying bleach the morning his wife disappeared.

Calls to the attorneys, Howard Kurtz and Seth Blum, were not returned Tuesday afternoon.

The Web site also criticizes Cary police Chief Pat Bazemore, who has said Nancy Cooper's slaying was not a random crime. She has released little other information about the investigation and has not named any suspects.

"One hopes her statement is based on more than the wish to maintain Cary's reputation as a safe place to live," the Web site states. "Unless she begins supporting her conclusions with evidence, there is no reason to blindly accept Chief Bazemore's naked assertion as true."

In a statement Tuesday afternoon, Bazemore said releasing details of an ongoing investigation could jeopardize the case – "something I'm sure no one wants to see happen," she said.

“Cary citizens know that if there is ever any chance that they are at risk, the Cary Police Department informs them and protects them," she said.

A friend reported Nancy Cooper missing on the afternoon of July 12 after she failed to show up for a planned meeting. Brad Cooper told authorities his wife went jogging around 7 a.m. that morning and never returned.

Two days later, a man walking his dog found her body, wearing little clothing, in an undeveloped subdivision outside Cary's town limit – less than three miles from the Coopers' home.

Brad Cooper is now involved in a high-profile case for custody of the couple's two young daughters, who have temporarily been placed with Nancy Cooper's parents and sister.

Court filings in that case indicate the couple was in the process of separating, and affidavits from Nancy Cooper's friends characterize Brad Cooper as being mentally unstable, emotionally abusive and controlling.

Referring to those friends as the "Cary Clique," the Kurtz & Blum site accuses them of seeing aspects of the marriage through "colored glasses."

"This is fine for people who are simply providing emotional support and comfort to a friend, but it would be a terrible way to run a murder investigation or to decide a legal issue," the Web site states.

The attorneys also posted two photos of Brad Cooper's neck to rebut an investigator's claim in a search warrant affidavit that Cooper had unexplained scratches on the back of his neck.

"The photos reveal that if any marks were present on 7/12/08 when Det. Daniels noted them, that they were so insignificant as to be entirely gone a mere five days later," the site states.

It also says that Brad Cooper did not explain the scratches because he either didn't have any or no one asked him about them.


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  • Zoinks Sep 19, 2008

    One area of focus in this situation has been related to financial strain and high debt. And according to the Harris Teeter receipts he's spending $5.60 for organic milk, $19.99 for name-brand detergent and $4.99 for juice? Hmmmm...

  • zadonahue Sep 18, 2008

    jmflu certainly needs to be subpoenaed by the police as she clearly is biased and has inside information. Sad she won't ever admit it here.

  • something2say Sep 17, 2008

    I don't know much but what I do know is I would like to see a suspect named, arrested and proven guilty in this case!!!!

    I couldn't agree more with this statement!
    MJW: "I am not saying Brad is innocent. I am simply saying there are many other possibilities that people need to be open to."

  • anti-Hans Sep 17, 2008

    Keeptraveling - do you know it is Nancy's hair? Or just a guess? Was the hair loose in the trunk? Or was it stuck in nook and cranny?

  • anti-Hans Sep 17, 2008

    Canes1fan, exactly what I have said all along. We DONT know, but we do know there are many other possibilities. These busy body Cary Clique moms wont accept anything other than he did it. Heck, if a killer comes forward and confesses, they will still say Brad did it.

    I am not saying Brad is innocent. I am simply saying there are many other possibilities that people need to be open to. It is highly possible her lover bumped her off knowing Brad would be blamed - easy frame job there.

  • keeptraveling Sep 17, 2008

    It's very suspicious that he vacuumed the trunk of his vehicle and not anywhere else the day they checked the car... but he couldn't get rid of the hair they found in the trunk lid.

    Nancy's hair.

  • tarheelalum Sep 17, 2008

    I'm not going to speculate one way or the other on whether he did it...hopefully the trial will uncover the truth. I do, however, think it is absolutely ridiculous that his children have been taken from him and of all people, put in the custody of the only people speaking ill of him! He is innocent until proven otherwise...that is the law!!!

  • canes1fan Sep 17, 2008

    Has anyone thought that Nancy might have told her husband that she was meeting a friend? Maybe he isn't making it up. Maybe she was having an affair herself and her lover is the one who killed her.

    There are other options besides Brad. Innocent until proven guilty. If there was proof that he did it then he would have been arrested.

  • supersr Sep 17, 2008

    He did it. That video proves nothing and doesn't provide an alibi. The police need to keep looking at him. He messed up somewhere, they always do. He did it, plain and simple.

  • missparrothead Sep 17, 2008

    Long sleeves and a collared shirt or jacket will help disguise any scratch marks on his arms, neck. In one of the pictures of him coming out of his house when they were investigating early on, he had on a long sleeve collared shirt and jeans.

    I tend to believe that he left the children in the house while they were sleeping to go the grocery store, and Nancy's body was long gone. However, since the autopsy results aren't revealed, we don't know what whe was wearing or what time she died. There is still lots of info. not being released to the public (rightfully so).

    And, of course he is going to still wear his wedding band, to contradict any public perceptions.

    Yes- and how many people who work regular schedules are up grocery shopping that early on a Saturday morning, doing laundry (unless a child was sick) and what men are scrubbing the house that early, "just because"? (especially given their tumultuous relationship)

    Just food for thought...