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Broughton High to appeal parking lot denial

Posted September 16, 2008

— The Raleigh City Council voted Tuesday to find ways to preserve land in the front yard of Broughton High School and find additional parking for the school.

The vote was in response to an appeal from Wake County school officials to allow the school to pave space in its front yard to expand its parking lot.

The council asked for a report in the next two weeks before making a final decision on the request.

Last week, the Raleigh Planning Commission denied Broughton's request.

If the lawn isn't paved, the school will likely have to build a parking deck, which is more expensive, school officials said.

The high school has 273 parking spaces, including some in the front yard. Most students park off campus. The expansion would increase parking to 399 spaces on site, which conforms to zoning requirements.

One parking space per 600 square feet of academic space is required for high schools.

The site being considered is on the 26-acre campus of the school at 723 Saint Mary’s St.

The school, founded in 1929, is among the oldest of the 17 high schools in Wake County. The land being considered has been designated a historic landmark.

Last week, school officials spoke in favor of paving the space. Several alumni spoke against the plan.

“We know that there are already some parking places on the front, but that’s not a reason to build more parking places to even further erode and destroy the beauty of the front of the school,” said Ed Jones, a member of the Class of 1953.

Parent Debbie Mann said the decision means her son will be getting up early to head to school to get a parking space.

“The front of the school is already paved on the right side. They’ve got a nice design to finish off the left side. I don’t see a problem,” parent Bart White said.

The Planning Commission had asked the school to consider other sites.


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  • shank56 Sep 16, 2008

    there is a difference between trailers and modulars. Trailers are singular units, ie classrooms that stand alone without running water or bathrooms.

    Modulars are groupings of trailers, connected and well-grounded with water and sewer service. Big difference in set-up. My students have been in 6 classroom modulars in middle and high. In elementary they have been in trailers- to be excused to the bathroom ,they had to leave the trailer and walk to the nearest bathroom in the permanent school building.

    As I understand, Broughton High had up to 15-20 TRAILERS or more on the front lawn for years. Now they have a couple of MODULARS in the back that is taking up student parking- which translates into 12 trailers/classrooms or thereabouts.

  • jsmith3 Sep 16, 2008

    There will not be any trees cut down. The area is a gravel and dirt eyesore now where they used to have a bunch of trailers (modular classrooms for the politically correct)

  • shortcake53 Sep 16, 2008

    its not like paving the grounds will destroy the looks of the school. its one of the most depressing buildings i have ever seen.

  • YeaOh Sep 16, 2008

    The only people that don't want this paved are a bunch of old people who have some old dream of what this school "used to be". Nothing would have ever been improved there if you'd have relied on them to make the decisions. Pave that sucka!!

  • gohawks Sep 16, 2008

    Sorry.... It seems like there are so many people that don't care
    about a lawn or a clump of trees. I have seen SO much of the rural area where I live be stripped of trees to put in these communities with golf courses and "executive" homes. Why does all of our nature have to be torn up?

  • Handle With Care Sep 16, 2008

    Gohawks...that was rude!

  • gohawks Sep 16, 2008

    Raydianse "Pave it"

    I guess you did not go to Broughton for HS....

  • Raydianse Sep 16, 2008

    Pave it, who cares about the aesthetic beauty of a public school. The school needs to serve the needs of public students that attend the school. If this was a private school or a private business I might have more sympathy for the beauty or look of it, but it being a public facility it needs to function as a school and appearance is something that should only be a much later thought of factor.

  • ncsu2000 Sep 16, 2008

    thank you catwoman1 for the response. Sorry I am not too familiar with BHS and the area around there.

    If kids are parking on the street improperly sounds like the City of Raleigh needs to send some people down there for parking tickets and give the students at NCSU a break LOL.

  • YeaOh Sep 16, 2008

    CARPOOL ! ! ! OMG ! ! ! Only friends carpool. There wouldn't be many carpoolers at this school !!!!