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Student stabbed at Millbrook High School

Posted September 15, 2008

— A student was stabbed Monday afternoon at a Raleigh school.

It happened at about 1:15 p.m. at Millbrook High School, 2201 Spring Forest Road.

A junior and senior got into an altercation during science class. When the bell rang, the disagreement moved into the hallway. One student stabbed the other student, Principal Dana King said.

"All of a sudden some boy, out of nowhere, just came and stabbed him in the head,” student Cierra Stokley said.

"If that can happen in the hallways, if a fight can turn into something that violent, it kind of makes you feel unsafe,” student Chandler Haywood said.

When a teacher tired to intervene, the students ran and left campus.

The injured student was treated for non-life-threatening injuries at WakeMed. Police withheld his name and condition.

They also withheld the other student's identity, and it was not immediately known whether they had taken him into custody.

King said she does not know if the stabbing was related to a Friday incident in which police were called to the school after 80 students refused to get on a bus. 

All parents were called about Monday's stabbing, the principal said.

"I think they handled it in a great way and unless you are going to put metal detectors in the schools I don't think there was anything else they could have done to prevent it,” parent Lisa Truelove said.

"It's a scary thought that that could happen here, but I think it is just evidence of the real world encroaching on our community here. That these things can happen anywhere, anytime,” parent Tom Haywood said.

Police said the stabbing may have been gang-related. The number of gang related incidents at Millbrook doubled last year, from 16 to 33, officials said. The school is one of the top five in the system for gang-related incidents.

Anyone with information that might assist the investigation is asked to call the Raleigh Police Department’s Detective Division at 919-890-3555 or CrimeStoppers at 919-226-CRIME.


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  • zanerx Sep 17, 2008

    "I think kids, like yours and mine who are respectful, study and do what they are suppose to (which brings up what I said before about good parenting and parents paying attention to their kids) will hopefully do well at that school or any other school with a good or bad reputation because they do what they are suppose to do. san4short"

    I absolutely agree. Parenting is definitely a labor-intensive job, but it offers the best compensation in the world - seeing those you love the most grow up to be happy and successful in whatever they choose to do with their lives.

    Okay, enough with the sappy stuff! Back to work! :-)

  • san4short Sep 17, 2008

    zanerx - I understand your knee jerk reaction, your kid is a good kid who goes to a school that unfortunately has been given a bad reputation by some because of the few that are trouble makers or who think it's cool to belong to a gang. I know how you feel and why you got defensive. Like I said, I have 2 kids and one of them attended Leesville High when we first moved here 3 years ago. She told me what kids were saying, that they thought Leesville was boring and the action was at Millbrook. We just moved again and now my kid goes to Sanderson and she said she likes it much better over there, go figure I was told Leesville was the best! I think kids, like yours and mine who are respectful, study and do what they are suppose to (which brings up what I said before about good parenting and parents paying attention to their kids) will hopefully do well at that school or any other school with a good or bad reputation because they do what they are suppose to do.

  • zanerx Sep 17, 2008

    san4short, sorry to react so strongly, but it sounded like your comments were at least implied advice, even if based on hearsay. Now you can hear an opinion from someone who has a child there - my child is in his third year there, is a good student, has been taught and treated well, is not associated with a gang (neither are his friends who attend there), has not experienced any problems with gangs, etc., and seems happy with the place (if not with his workload). I would just encourage you to keep an open mind.

  • san4short Sep 17, 2008

    zanerx - Where do you get that I was giving advice on the schools?? Maybe you should actually READ what I wrote....I said "I had heard that Millbrook is bad news" I didn't confirm or give advice about it or say anything about which schools are good or bad. I've heard it from several sources that Millbrook is not the best school because of the kids that go there, that they are mostly gang related. For your information, I have had people who have lived here awhile, kids that go there, kids that don't, teachers that I've become friends with and police officers tell me that is not the best place to go. Again...it's all heresay, wouldn't want you to be confused and think that I am stating fact here or trying to advise anyone.

  • airbornegirl16 Sep 16, 2008

    I attended school from K-12 in the Wake County school system and I can't remember it ever being this bad. The reason why is that my mother was involved in what was going on in the lives of me and my brother. I believe that the parents need to take responsibility for their child(ren)'s actions. Some (not all) parents today are so worried about being their child's best friend and appearing to be the "cool" parent, that they don't see the problems that might be stemming from the lack of discipline recieved in the home. I agree with those who posted saying that in the end it's the children who come to school to learn and better themselves are the one's who miss out in the end. I belive if you can't do right in a normal classroom setting, then transfer them to an alternative school (there are some in Wake County). I think it is better than throwing them out on the street with no other option than to commit even more horrifying crimes because there is nothing to turn to.

  • happily married Sep 16, 2008

    Pam2:Mike H...you obviously do not have children and if you do i feel sorry for them. And more than likely you will vote for a Democrat.

    What a random comment about someone likely voting Democrat. What does that have to do with the story? If you are going to comment please let it relate to the story.

  • zanerx Sep 16, 2008

    san4short - maybe you need to be in town a little longer before you start giving advice on which schools are good and which are bad.

    pam2 - it's difficult to understand how you were able to teach your children respect since you haven't displayed any here for those with opinions conflicting with yours.

  • jimmycrackcorn Sep 16, 2008

    I am more perplexed about calling the police over people not getting on the bus. Since when is not riding the bus illegal?


    The school is obligated to make sure kids are put on their proper bus. if they did not do this and a child got hurt walking home, the parents would be screaming bloody murder.
    I say put video cams in the classrooms and use it to expel disruptive students. If any criminal activity is caught on cam, then provide the police with the information and the vid.
    Bunch of animalistic gangsters and wannabees creating havoc, while students that want to learn are distracted.
    The gang problem is just growing here, it is high time to stop it before it flourishes.

  • san4short Sep 16, 2008

    pam2 - thanks for agreeing with my comment, although I don't completely agree with your comment about "reach and slap first". Not that I'm against spanking, I find it doesn't work. My 5 year old just laughs if I smack his rear to the point it's red! I really don't agree with hitting a child in the face or any other part of their body except their rear. I think it puts fear rather than respect in the child, which some might argue go hand in hand. I'd rather use my method that I count to 3 to let him know I mean business, and remind him that if I get to 3 he will not be able to do certain things he likes (i.e. play on the computer, watch tv or be with his friends), and he will go on time-out. He listens and then complies. But the point being, as a parent you are involved in teaching your child right from wrong, whether or not the method is agreeable to some. Since mine was able to walk and speak he knows his manners and how to share, etc. It's a full-time job!

  • Starlyte Sep 16, 2008

    What does being a democrat have to do with spanking? That was pretty random.