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Fayetteville woman accused of scamming support group

Posted September 15, 2008

— Raleigh police have issued an arrest warrant for a Fayetteville woman who allegedly scammed a local support group for divorcees out of more than $6,000.

But Fayetteville police cannot find her.

Margaret Irene Haithcock, 51, of 655 Monogan St., allegedly made up stories about having cancer and her son dying in Iraq to get money from the group, which held several events to raise money for her and held a memorial service for her son.

"And she stood there and acted like he was dead," said John Black, a member of the group. "It was the end of her life. She was upset."

According to the arrest warrant, Haithcock's actions "were intended to deceive the group into providing monetary donations for issues which were made up entirely."

Black says he and other members of the support group began challenging the validity of Haithcock's story late last year and eventually went to police.

"Obviously, this occurred over a period of time, and it included more than one appeal for help and support," Raleigh police spokesman Jim Sughrue said.

Sughrue said she might have had cancer at some point, but that the extent to which she explained her situation is false.

After months of investigating, Raleigh investigators issued a warrant for her arrest in June.

When Fayetteville police went to the home listed on the warrant in July, her ex-boyfriend said she was gone and had told him she was in a mental hospital. Privacy laws prevent authorities from confirming the story.

According to the Department of Correction, Haithcock has served time in prison under a different name for forgery, credit card theft and credit card fraud.

Anyone who knows Haithcock's whereabouts is asked to call police.


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  • Sweet Butterfly Kisses Sep 15, 2008

    Lock Her-Up....for good..

  • carlostheass Sep 15, 2008

    Obtaining property under false pretenses is a felony, and it doesn't say that there must be something received in return.

    If the allegations are true, and we don't know whether they are or not, then she's pretty pathetic.

  • Space Mountain Sep 15, 2008

    Well, what she did was wrong, but I can't see how it is illegal. The folks gave her money out of their own freewill. She didn't agree or promise to do something in exchange for the money, and she wasn't collecting it for a charity, so I don't see how it is fraud. Those folks should be arrested for being gullable enough to give her money.

  • bluebird1075 Sep 15, 2008

    I don't understand how anybody could use their child or a dreaded disease such as cancer to get money. Pathetic is the one word that comes to my mind. I hope she's found and punished to the hilt.

  • MamaDummy Sep 15, 2008

    Surely this woman will NOT have a place in heaven!!

  • yaright Sep 15, 2008

    You know this is why I don't give to any cause there are so many scamers out there you don't know if they are for real or not.

  • colliedave Sep 15, 2008

    If anyone is in any type of support ministry one must always check facts before trusting an individual with a large amount of money. There is a reason the letters "CON" are in the word 'convincing.'

  • nodoginthisfight Sep 15, 2008

    Now if the judicial system will put her in jail instead of letting her just pay back the money.

  • yaright Sep 15, 2008

    First you get scamed in the divorce then get scamed after the devorce