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Man pleads guilty to ambush slaying

Posted September 15, 2008

— A Durham man pleaded guilty Monday to ambushing and killing a Roxboro man two years ago.

Tyrone Lamont Baker, 20, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the Aug. 8, 2006, shooting death of Adam Christopher Lutz. He was sentenced to 189 to 236 months in prison.

Lutz, 20, was lured to a Durham neighborhood for a drug deal while Hunt and another man were waiting in some nearby woods, prosecutors said. Then, they said, the two men then shot Lutz in the back of the head while he sat in his car.

Michael Harrison Hunt Jr., 20, was sentenced to life in prison after a jury convicted him in March of murdering Lutz.

Nicole L. Smith, 18, who prosecutors said set the trap for Lutz, was allowed to plead guilty last October to conspiracy to commit armed robbery in exchange for her testimony against Hunt and Baker.

Janeen Webb, 17, and Stephen Kyle Knight, 20, pleaded guilty in October to felony obstruction of justice in the case for helping Hunt and Baker flee the area in a getaway car.


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  • jwssweetie01 Sep 17, 2008

    Either way all of them should be charged with more than what they are getting. They took a life, but they get to keep theirs. They at least get to have visits from their family but Adam doesnt get that. He doesnt get to watch his child grow up and his family doesnt get the oportunity to spend holidays and birthdays with him anymore. They were all old enough to know better. Look at it this way, what if that was your brother, or son how would you feel about this?

  • daniellenc2007 Sep 16, 2008

    Well I hope you do know, that you do not know me...Yes I agree my spelling was very off, but I have Grad. and I'm in college. Thank you. So please do not judge me on my spelling. Oh and by the way i hope you find compassion.

  • nyyankeesfan Sep 16, 2008

    danielle, I hope you use your time wisely and are working towards your GED.

  • daniellenc2007 Sep 15, 2008

    Im so sorry to the Lutz family that first of what i would like to say.
    Okay...since some of you all don't know what you are talking about let me feel you on Since i am one of Tyrone's Close friends and i was there...on here for some reason they are only telling you half of the story. Tyrone took a plead bergen with the D.A. and the Lutz family...they agreed if Tyrone would plead guilty to 2nd degree murder that he would get anywhere from 9-26 years. So Tyrone agreed to this.. They are only tell you on about one part of the deal, he has to serve a total i believe if am right of 22 to years. he has served 2 years so he needs to serve 20 years. the d.a even told the judge that Tyrone's bullets did not kill Lutz that mike huts bullet kill Lutz. Tyrone bullets was shot under the truck and the side of the truck. Thats how he got onto 2nd degree murder. Now he also got charged with shooting a firearm to a occupied vehicle. His max charge could be 26 years. He Got 22.
    No Disrespect to anyon

  • Tax Man Sep 15, 2008

    I know the DA wants this over, but why is he giving these folks such lenient sentences? The minimum offered should be life without possibility of parole - if they won't plea bargain with that, then take them to trial and give them the death penalty. I am very sure a jury would send all of these pukes to death row! I can only hope that they never make it out of prison. And yes, legalize drugs - tax them and tread them as a medical condition - get the big profit out of them and you will get the crime out of them.

  • miketroll3572 Sep 15, 2008

    They all should be serving life terms.........period!

  • nyyankeesfan Sep 15, 2008

    legalize drugs and we will eliminate stuff like this. Too many lives are wasted due to drugs being illegal. The legalized drugs, tobacco and alcohol, however remain the biggest threat to the health and well being of our society.

  • momof3inNC Sep 15, 2008

    Wow, hear that everyone? You can commit murder or help commit murder and be out in practically no time! We should all be outraged that these murderers could be back out on the street able to kill us or our family in such little time.

  • hkypky Sep 15, 2008

    Hmmm ... 189 to 236 months for second degree murder. I'm not sure what is more ridiculous .... slicing and dicing a sentence for murder down to months or perhaps referring to a life sentence as "a lifetime of months in prison."

  • ifcdirector Sep 15, 2008

    "He was sentenced to 189 to 236 months in prison."

    There are car loans and mortgages that have longer terms than this..... This is why we have the crime we do. Whoever is running for Judge or DA the next election in this county against whoever the judge or DA was in this case requires your vote and support.