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Rolesville homeowners protest with a forest of 'for sale' signs

Posted September 15, 2008

— Homeowners in one Rolesville subdivision have turned 'for sale by owner' signs into a protest of a proposed school bus route.

The Hampton Pointe homeowners' association would not allow homeowners to put up signs decrying plans to extend a dead-end road to a new middle school in order to create a bus route.

Instead, homeowners put up nearly 30 "for sale" signs throughout the neighborhood, hoping to catch a few eyes.

"If you pulled into a neighborhood and saw everybody's house was up for sale, would you not wonder why?" Hampton Pointe resident Sandi Kozar said.

Kozar said homeowners were surprised when they heard about plans to make Pristine Lane the main access road to Rolesville Middle School. The school is being built on Burlington Mills Road, near U.S. Highway 401.

"That means every day of the year, there'll be 30 buses passing up and down this road, two houses away, every morning and afternoon," Kozar said.

The developer refused to comment when asked if it informed residents of the issue. A representative said the developer does not comment on neighborhood issues.

Mayor Frank Eagles said the Wake County Public School System began work on an alternative route after school planners met with homeowners in mid-August.

"I have to defend Wake County schools in that they rose to the occasion," Eagles said.

The proposed alternative would route all buses onto Burlington Mills – meaning "no buses will be going through this subdivision," Eagles said.

WCPSS officials said they are awaiting final approval for the new plan from the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Hampton Pointe homeowners said that until they see the solution in writing, their new lawn decorations will stay up.

"We've heard that, but we haven't seen anything to indicate that," Kozar said.


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  • SheriffTruman Sep 16, 2008

    I wonder if in this case, the development is not done yet and the builder or developer still controls the HOA? I can see them wanting to keep protest signs away in that case so new buyers are not scared away, especially if they may have been lax with their disclosures (though much of this type of info can be found anyway).

    All the more reason that this is ingenious as new buyers will certainly have to wonder why every home is for sale and every single HOA document I have ever seen specifically lists for sale signs as permissible.

  • tweathe850 Sep 16, 2008

    Keep moving more people here and see your quality of life fade away. Oh the price of progress!!

  • nofear Sep 16, 2008

    keep the for sale sign up. Bring down your own property value.
    Way to go HOA. Who cares.

  • dlb800 Sep 16, 2008

    I see... "Yes, I want my kids to go to schools", and "Yes, I want everyone to pay for my child's education", but "No, I don't want it to inconvenience me."

  • ERRN Sep 16, 2008

    That's hilarious, I'd love to see a big picture of this!

  • aquamama Sep 16, 2008

    I guess I'm not understanding why using that road as the bus entrance is a big deal. Can someone tell me what the problem is? Is it bus exhaust? Traffic? Noise? What?

  • bs101fly Sep 15, 2008

    "Not exactly. We each get to elect our one member."

    Correct, but YOU voted for him/her! Or enough did to give them the "power."

    As long as the current board is in power you will NEVER get elections at large. As long as Chuck and Del are in power you will NEVER, NO WAY, get elections at large!

    Want to send the message you too are fed up?

    VOTE NO to the next bond! Then vote out YOUR boe rep!

    They DO NOT represent you with YOUR issues in mind therefore you should not support THEIR needs, meaning NO BOND!

    And don't get me started about "it will hurt the children" because that has been happening from day one!

  • happymom Sep 15, 2008

    "that's been going on since YOU elected YOUR current school board!"

    Not exactly. We each get to elect our one member. The problem with our current system is that the others can then override the one member and do whatever they want.

    County-wide elections, folks! Let's make ALL members accountable to the ENTIRE voting public. That's the only way to make sure everyone's voices are heard and that the system is the most fair.

  • bs101fly Sep 15, 2008

    who CARES how the HOA feels about the signs!
    I bet they aren't worried about the slack homeowners not cutting their grass or taking care of the homes!

  • brassy Sep 15, 2008

    I'd love to hear how the HOA feels about all those "for sale" signs.