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Three 'armed and dangerous' men sought in Rocky Mount murder

Posted September 12, 2008

— Three men sought by police in the homicide of a 34-year-old man are also wanted on a slew of unrelated charges, including robbery and assault.

Rocky Mount police officers responded to reports of a shooting at 121 Photinia Court around 10 p.m. Wednesday. Inside apartment A, they found the body of Shawan Sherrod Jones, 34.

The motive in the shooting remains under investigation.

Akeem Tyrell Davis, 18, has been charged with first-degree murder in Jones' death. Davis is also wanted on unrelated charges, including one count of attempted first-degree murder and two of robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Police have named two persons of interest in the case: Marcus Datonio Barnes, 28, and Ozay Montea Richardson, 29.

Barnes has outstanding warrants for assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, possession of a firearm by a felon, two counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon, injury to real property and three traffic violations.

Richardson is also wanted for assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, two counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Police warned that Davis, Barnes and Richardson should all be considered armed and dangerous.

Anyone with information about the men's whereabouts should immediately call the police at252-972-1411, Twin County Crime Stoppers at 252-977-1111 or Capt. Martin McCoy at 252-972-1485. Police expressed appreciation to members of the public that have already assisted with the investigation.

Davis has been placed on probation three times in less than a year, most recently in April 2008, according to state Department of Correction records. He has been convicted twice of simple assault and once of resisting for a public officer.

Richardson has been on parole since his release from prison in February. In August 2004, he was convicted of conspiring to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon on Dec. 21, 2003.

Barnes is a registered sex offender whose criminal record dates to 1997, according to DOC records. He most recently served 18 months for conspiring to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon on Dec. 21, 2003.

Barnes has also been convicted of taking indecent liberties with a minor, assault on a female and driving while impaired.


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  • catchup Sep 16, 2008

    how is it that 1st time offenders get more time then most repeaters MARCIS HENDERSON RELEASE DATE IS 2014 and he just shot a dog that attacked him and a very small amount ,.?...'. SO THE SYSTEM WILL NEVER BE SAFE THE TOW TRUCK DRIVER MAY BE OUT HE ONLY GOT ABOUT 36months I FEEL FOR THE NEXT PERSON THAT TRIES TO TAKE A CAR STRAP UP PEOPLE GUN PERMITTS

  • Amruby Sep 12, 2008

    Before you criticize the RMPD. Look at their arrest rate. Then look at the DA's record. We need tougher laws and strong DA's who will follow through. The police can arrest them but its up to the courts to do something with them. Jails are too pretty. They should have four walls-no windows, no tv, no AC, a hole in the floor for bodily fluids and two meals a day. No human contact. One tour of duty in that kind of facility and there will be no repeaters. Or-- we could go back a 150 years and hang them to the nearest tree--forget the jail and save the taxpayers some money. Don't curse the police--pray for them and support them.

  • GOOD RIDDANCE TO SCUM Sep 12, 2008


  • ladyinblue72 Sep 12, 2008

    These guys shouldn't be even be out on the streets. They should be in prison.

  • FragmentFour Sep 12, 2008

    Huh. They may be armed and dangerous, but they look drunk and destitute.

  • neutral observer Sep 12, 2008

    Three more cash cows for attorneys! Don't blame the police, don't blame racism, don't label it as "gangs" or poverty. Label it for what it is, CULTURE~!!!!!!! We create this culture and fund it well. We throw more federal programs at it, funded with tax dollars, with no results. We are experiencing the generation that grew up in the ninties. We feed them, clothe them and nuture them. They grow up and depend on the federal government for everything. We treat the symptom but don't even attempt to solve the problem. We have politicians that want to throw even more money at it. As our education system declines every year because of obvious problems, other countries are laughing all the way to the bank. If we are to ever help kids that grow up in this lifestyle, we must show them VERY SEVERE consequences for their actions. Every time I look at the news, here we go again.

  • RonnieR Sep 12, 2008

    A goor reason for the GA to bring back the outlaw statute.

  • MrMan Sep 12, 2008

    The entire country is going to face a rude awakening these killers are taking over the streets, any cop will tell you that they cannot protect you, get yourself a weapon and get the proper training so that when the time comes you may stand a chance to save your life or someone elses, they have stripped the rights from the police, if you don't believe me just ask the next one that you see. Good luck and God bless America.

  • holmesap Sep 12, 2008

    How many homicides will it take to convince the Mayor or City Council that we need a new Police Chief and a reconstruction of the City Government before they take action. Or is the MAyor to busy getting rich in real estate?

  • emeraldgirl Sep 12, 2008

    And another thing...I've never understood why in RM we aren't allowed to have choice when it comes to who we get our services from. We have to get power from the City of RM, and we are only allowed one choice for home phone service: Embarq. Other than satellite companies, the only cable option is Suddenlink.