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Orange County agencies work to keep community safe

Posted September 9, 2008

— Employees of Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Hillsborough and the Orange Water and Sewer Authority will be trained to help spot criminal activity and public safety hazards as part of a new initiative.

The “Community Safety Partnership,” announced Tuesday, was developed after Chapel Hill experienced an increase in property crimes during the day.

"Public servants who regularly work outside in the community in various capacities already are a great a resource and have potential to be even more helpful to residents,” Chapel Hill Mayor Kevin Foy said in a press release.

Employees will be encouraged to notify law enforcement if they come upon a variety of situations,  including reckless or impaired drivers, crimes in progress and illegal burning.

The workers are not being trained to physically intervene in situations.

Logos will be placed on participants’ vehicles so citizens will be able to identify these workers and ask for help, if needed, officials said.

Chapel Hill Police Chief Brian Curran said he is hoping these employees can be the “eyes and ears on the ground” for the department.

"We don't have a whole lot of those folks so that's why we are looking for some of those operational departments to help us be eyes and ears on the ground out there,” Curran said.

Training is expected to be complete at the end of this month. Eventually, officials said more than 1,000 workers will receive training.

Fayetteville has a similar program.


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  • takecare_of_others Sep 10, 2008

    Good article, for what it is worth. I am curious, why the (hush hush) on the death of the chapel hill football player? What is the conculsion on the part of the (EMS) system responding to the need of the young man? I think it is only right for the public to understand what happened.

  • nodoginthisfight Sep 9, 2008

    big brother hard at work in Orange Co. Just glad I don't have OWASA utilities on my property

  • bottleworks Sep 9, 2008

    What does "illegal burning" have to do with helping stop break-ins and other real crimes...Nothing.

  • 68_polara Sep 9, 2008

    Just sounds like professionally trained nosy neighbors.

    Chapel Hill isn't a perfect as I thought it was. Just this weekend I was in Chapel Hill in an apartment build's parking lot when these four thugs came flying through and almost hit a cyclist. When the kid, must have been a teenager, on the bike yelled something at them they got out of the car and came at this young guy yelling. I mean they had just almost run this kid over. I was putting a T-top in the truck and got back in the the car and put my 1911 in my waistband under my shirt. Went back to putting the T-top in the trunk as the kid rode by he never stoped, smart kid, always retreat when possible. Anyway I think these punks were just showing off in front of there friends other wise they would have chased the kid with the car. I had made up my mind they weren't going to hurt this kid in front of me. I'm so glad situation never went anywhere. Living in Durham I see crazy stuff happen quite often but this was in Chapel Hill what

  • gvmntcheese Sep 9, 2008

    Thats right keep imposing the will of the police state tyrants until we are all indoctrinated... Great Work Orange County!

  • TheAdmiral Sep 9, 2008

    "Logos will be placed on participants’ vehicles so citizens will be able to identify these workers and ask for help, if needed, officials said."

    yeah, but the overflow of illegals in Orange COunty will run from those vehicles anyway because they are doing something illegal.