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Raleigh denies Broughton High request to add parking

Posted September 9, 2008

— The Raleigh Planning Commission on Tuesday denied a request by Broughton High School to pave space in its front yard to expand its parking lot.

The site being considered was located on the 26-acre campus of the school at 723 Saint Mary’s St. The school, founded in 1929, is among the oldest of the 17 high schools in Wake County. The land being considered has been designated a historic landmark.

Broughton has 273 parking spaces now, including some in the front yard. Most studernts park off campus.

On Tuesday morning, school officials made remarks in favor of paving the space. Several alumni spoke against the plan.

“We know that there are already some parking places on the front, but that’s not a reason to build more parking places to even further erode and destroy the beauty of the front of the school,” said Ed Jones, alumni of the Broughton Class of 1953.

Parent Debbie Mann said the decision means her son will be getting up early to head to school to get a parking space.

“The front of the school is already paved on the right side. They’ve got a nice design to finish off the left side. I don’t see a problem,” parent Bart White said.

The Planning Commission had previously asked the school to consider other sites.

The expansion would have increased parking to 399 spaces on site, which conforms to zoning requirements for parking

One parking space per 600 square-feet of academic space is required for high schools.

A consultant for the Board of Education said it is possible the board will appeal the decision to the full city council. The board plans to rethink the plan to include parking decks or utilize space at a nearby park.


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  • jsmith3 Sep 9, 2008

    Where can a "parking deck" be built. They mover the trailers to the back of the school to comply with the wishes of those who felt that they were an eyesore. For those who were at BHS in the 50's and 60's, you never walked too far because there was nothing too far away. A recessed lot in front would not be visible from the street or take away from the beautiful front of the school. Every High School in Wake county has parking except BHS. Lets' be real here folks. I would bet that the older grads that are speaking out drive by BHS maybe once a week, Do they offer time to work at the school on beautification days or donate money to the BHS foundation.

  • SubwayScoundrel Sep 9, 2008

    Grad of BHS. Good decision by the city. We had to search for parking and guess what, we had to walk a ways. Will teach the kids how to live in a city.

    Build a parking deck on the back if they want or better yet, let them park on the football field.

    The parents who spoke will not care in a few years when their child has left but the child will appreciate the fact they went to BHS.

    I just wonder if the parents/people that speak out against the city on this one are the same people who park in the fire lane at the local strip center when a parking place is just a short walk away.

  • jsmith3 Sep 9, 2008

    There are probably less that 75 spaces alloted for students at Broughton. The rest are taken by staff and teachers. I know the old school group wants to leave it the way it was, but nothing is like it was. There are 2 commercial lots that York charges $375 for students to park in. Not the $175 that other high schools collect for their parking. And for those who say let the kids walk, I am sure you walked the 5 miles in the snow and rain when you were at good old BHS. Get Real!!
    Why don't we close Broughton and make it a museum so that all the alumni can keep their memories fresh while we shaft the kids today.

  • Handle With Care Sep 9, 2008

    Yes that's correct! I was sitting beside a parent the other day at a game and I asked where they lived and he replied Louisburg. I said wow that's got to be a tough drive everyday and he said no the bus picks him up.

  • Tax Man Sep 9, 2008

    Build a three story parking garage on that land that will allow all students and staff to park with extra space for visitors - come on, it is just wasted space that can be used to accommodate the needed parking.

  • Hevans1012 Sep 9, 2008

    Handle did you say they were busing kids from Louisburg?!?! How in the heck?

  • jmoore1 Sep 9, 2008

    The city took away many parking spaces last year that were behind the school. Parking is a huge problem and it is dangerous because the students have to park on local streets. I know of several accidents that occurred last year alone. The situation also irritates many local homeowners who have the students parking in front of their houses. Riding bikes is not an option for many students - it is a magnet school. It took my son (who graduated last year) about 35 minutes to drive each way from our home and then he always had to find parking and walk quite a ways. I just want the students to be safe and for the city to at least give back the number of spots that were taken away last year. It is a WONDERFUL school and we all want to keep it that way.

  • canes017 Sep 9, 2008

    "You sound like a bunch of bitter old people complaining about kids being able to drive to school. I've seen that yard. It's ugly."

    Broughton doesn't do any upkeep on it because they want to be able to say "well its ugly" in an effort to persuade the city into letting them rip it up. That is not a valid excuse.

  • Handle With Care Sep 9, 2008

    Do not vote for anyone currently on the planning commission, they haven't a clue about what Raleigh needs. We just lost approx 200 parking spaces at BHS so we could have room for the students that they bus in from Louisburg, yes that's right the buses are bringing children in, not only from outside the beltline but also from outside of 540. So I guess my point is if we did not have those ugly trailers we would still have the parking that we had two years ago.

  • canes017 Sep 9, 2008

    The folks at Broughton have no soul. Surviving alumni of WWII returned home and planted cherry cheers in front of the school which were proclaimed a historical landmark in honor of the Broughton alumni who died in the war. They tore up the trees years ago because they were "in the way". I'm all for keeping that field clear having played many a sports on it when I attended Broughton.