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Granville sheriff, SBI search for missing mom

Posted September 8, 2008

— Granville County Sheriff David Smith met with officers in the State Bureau of Investigation Monday to discuss the case of a missing Stem woman.

Police found Kelly Morris's car, keys, purse and cell phone about a mile away from her home Thursday, shortly after firefighters responded to a fire at her home.

The sheriff's office considers Morris, 28, a missing person. Investigators searched for her in southern Granville County Monday, including a boat search of Creemor and Falls lakes.

The SBI was assisting in the search for Morris and this investigation of the fire at her home at 3220 Tump Wilkins Road.

Smith said the use of arson investigators is a routine procedure after a fire, and that there was no sign that Morris was in the home when it burned. Deputies will not say when she was last seen.

Her husband, Scott Morris, was at work at the time of the blaze; their two children were at school.

Investigators have not established a cause for the fire. On Monday, yellow crime-scene tape encircled the home, and investigators were seen coming and going.

A neighbor said Scott Morris and his two children had not returned to the home.

Granville County sheriff's investigators are asking anyone with information about the fire or Morris' disappearance to contact them at 919-693-3213.


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  • hi_i_am_wade Sep 8, 2008

    Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Before you should even assume anyone is guilty, wait for the facts. Remember Duke LaCrosse? Without evidence, they were vilified by the media and people. When the evidence came out, it was clear who was the guilty person. Until you see the evidence, assume nothing.

  • fbguru Sep 8, 2008

    As many four wheelers & horses as there are in the Stem/Butner/Creedmoor area, I don't understand why they have not coordinated a large scale search. I know without a doubt that ALOT of people in this area would volunteer to carry this out. Unless they know something they are not disclosing at this time!

  • daizy08 Sep 8, 2008

    Something just doesn't add up in this situation. I know first hand that they were having marital problems and that they had planned to put their house on the market earlier this year... Now, the house burnt down and she is missing?!?!? I hope they find her and get to the bottom of this!

  • java323 Sep 8, 2008

    Why is there not more of an organized volunteer search for her? Is it because the police and SBI haven't reqested it? If they are searching lakes, they must know something that isn't being released in the media. How sad.

  • fbguru Sep 8, 2008

    It seems like so many husbands these days are killing their wives when they are having marital problems. Not saying this is the case here, but it just seems strange. Why don't these cowards just end the marriage and let the children have BOTH parents? I just don't understand. I think some men would rather end the wife's life than to have to split things and pay child support to her. Very selfish, especially when kids are involved. I hope, for the kids' sakes, the husband didn't have anything to do with it, but it just sounds fishy.

  • IzzMad2016 Sep 8, 2008

    Eduardo1 : I must say again ..... plenty of time for silly sarcasm after the poor woman is found safe.

  • headlong Sep 8, 2008

    Marriage problems were in the first story covered by WRAL as well as him being a tow truck driver.

    Anyway...just picked my one daughter up at high school and there is more unmarked cars, State Troopers, Police, etc all over the area. They are working trying to find answers.

    Thoughts and Prayers to this Mom, her Family, and young children!!!

  • kimber Sep 8, 2008

    "So locals out there, where did you read 'troubles in the marriage'? Do you have a link to that info?"

    If you watch the video after interviewing a local store owner, the reporter said "she (meaning the store owner) and others said the Morris's were having marital problems"

    My prayers are with this family and I hope that somehow she is found safe.

  • eitakydennek1987 Sep 8, 2008

    Who's Gregg?? She might of went to South Granville. Currin is a really known name in Creedmoor. My middle name is Currin.

  • diva28 Sep 8, 2008

    Kelly went to South Granville High School in Creedmoor, NC.