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Raleigh police officer charged with DWI

Posted September 8, 2008

— Authorities arrested a Raleigh police officer early Monday and charged him with DWI.

A state trooper arrested Christopher Harmon around 2 a.m. on Glenwood Avenue near Interstate 540, where he was stopped for traveling 66 in a 45 mph zone.

A state highway patrol spokesman said the arresting trooper smelled alcohol on Harmon's breath, and a test showed he had .11 blood alcohol concentration. In North Carolina, anything above .08 is illegal.

Harmon was charged with DWI, speeding and operating a motocycle without the proper endorsement. A court hearing on the charges was set for Oct. 13.


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  • chfdcpt Sep 9, 2008

    This officer is now facing a 30 day suspension from work. When you are arrested for DWI, if you test at .08 or more, your license is revoked immediately for 30 days. Therefore, he will not be able to drive a patrol car for those days, therefore he will be using his accured leave time.

    If he is convicted for DWI, then he will loose his job because he will loose his license for 1 year. In NC, you must have a valid driver license to be certified as a police officer.

  • John Q Public Sep 8, 2008

    There does seem to be a double standard. We are starting to realize this is a societal problem and not a racial problem. I just don't know how severe the punishment can be...it happens to all levels of society...cops...george bush...michael phelps...illegal immigrants...news anchors...celebs

  • lorivalentine1 Sep 8, 2008

    I agree with you Duke_Nukem. Officers have much more to lose.
    I will say that there are likely more officers who drink and never get caught but there many more drunk drivers who are not officers who do it all the time and never get caught. Thank god he did not kill any one and I hope some day he can put his life back together as it will not be easy. For all the years of public service he gave, he should not be so severely judged by others who live in glass houses!

  • Duke _Nukem Sep 8, 2008

    And let me clarify one thing. When a police officer gets arrested for dwi, he looses way more than any average citizen. So don't scream and yell about wanting justice, because if u wanted fair, unpartial justice, he should be judge as u would judge any other person. But u people don't want that, u want to see him suffer. If he was drinking on the job, which I will guarantee u he never did, then him be a police officer comes into play. Maybe he drinks to forget about all the bigots and cop haters that he deals with every day and give them fair impartial treatment.

  • Duke _Nukem Sep 8, 2008

    just once
    Wrong. I know for a fact that a RPD officer has arrested another RPD officer. Think before u write.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Sep 8, 2008

    think it should be the other way around since these people help and teach our children on a daily basis....just food for thought.

    Thats life, honey. Plus everyone here on board would not want an alcoholic doctor/nurse, etc. We have seen enough of that.

  • kstor33 Sep 8, 2008

    In no way do I approve of anyone drinking and driving who is above the legal limit but why is it that we hold the police, fire, doctors, nurses, and teaches to a higher standard than everyone else and we pay them so little when we pay sport stars millions for playing a game and they can commit felonies (stabbing, drugs, DWI's, etc). I think it should be the other way around since these people help and teach our children on a daily basis....just food for thought.

  • Just Once Sep 8, 2008

    How many Raleigh Cops have been arrested by Raleigh Cops for drunk driving? It is always a state trooper.

    I guess they never do this in Raleigh.

    The same applies to Durham, Cary, Apex etc etc etc

  • Common Sense Man Sep 8, 2008

    "Since he was under the influence of alcohol he could not have arrested anyone in the condition he was in; if he had he not been arrested."

    What? Can anyone even decipher this? What are you talking about? He wasn't at work when he got arrested.

  • Common Sense Man Sep 8, 2008

    "My husband is a mechanic and would be fired if he got a DUI"

    If every mechanic, construction worker or painter got fired for getting a DWI we would be in a world of trouble trying to competent people to do those jobs.