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Deputies arrest 2nd suspect in Vance store killing

Posted September 2, 2008

— Vance County sheriff's deputies on Tuesday evening arrested the second man they had been seeking in the Friday night killing of a store clerk, they said.

Sheriff Peter White said they found Saadi T. Williams, 20, of Henderson, in southern Vance in Kittrell Township and were holding him in the county jail on charges of first-degree murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

Fadaq Ali Mohommed Alashmali, 31, of Henderson, died during a robbery of the Williamsboro Grocery at a Shell gas station, 7690 N.C. Highway 39 North, on Friday night.

Deputies earlier had arrested Demarius Antoine Benson, 19, of Eastway Drive, in the case.

White said that Benson also shot at another person in the store. That person was not injured. Benson faces the same charges as Williams.

Investigators are also trying to identify and locate a woman shown in surveillance images shortly before the shooting. Authorities believe that she may be a witness.

Alashmali exchanged gunfire with at least one of the suspects during the robbery, White said. Alashmali was shot once.

“When you work at a convenience store, it’s really a chance of your life these days,” said Joe Davis, an employee at the Stop and Shop across the street from the Williamsboro Grocery.

Family and friends described Alashmali as a “true family man.” He was working at the family-owned store to support his wife and their 3-year-old and 1-year-old children.

Benson had been released on March 22 after serving 13 months for robberies in June 2005 and January 2006.

Between 2006 and 2007, Williams served 8½ months in prison for a robbery in April 2006.


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  • manofjustice Sep 3, 2008

    I am amazed at the comments on here. This kid could have gone through some troubles. We as a community should embrace him and help him through this ordeal. I am pretty sure we have done things for our loved ones that others thought were stupid. This kid was not born bad. He still has a good heart in him. He just needs our love and support. Let's forgive this little boy and show him a path of righteousness. God loves all of us.

  • sillyone. Sep 3, 2008

    I was up at Kerr lake last weekend and this tragedy was on the minds of everyone around. Things like this are expected in large cities like Raleigh and Durham but when it happens in a town of a few hundred it really hits home. I agree with Dalefan a quick execution should be in order after the guilty verdict

  • beachboater Sep 3, 2008

    Some people are born bad, and some are born lazy. These two carry one or both of those traits. Too lazy to get a job, and bad enough to take a life and not sweat it.

    Time for some out of state doctors to get the needles out.

  • humbleblaklady Sep 3, 2008

    Should have been asking the man for a "J-O-B" instead of taking his life (and losing theirs). Anyway, visit: www.americaschildrelay.com AND talk about alternative methods of "crime prevention" rather than wait until children "become" thugs and reap terror in ALL our neighborhoods.

  • 3potato4 Sep 3, 2008

    To expand on what ccs1920 said...I agree with them getting years rather than months for previous crimes however I would like to see prisons being actual places of punishment and hard work. Why would criminals care if they go to prison? Prisons have gotten to be little more than daycare centers so they don't care if they return, it's no punishment to them. All prisons, all across the country should be run like the tent prison in Arizona, then we'll see how many actually straighten up and fly right.

  • MadBiker Sep 2, 2008

    I agree. Until we get tough on crime, these repeat offenders will be on the streets killing more and more innocent people in the community.

  • tmbboyd Sep 2, 2008

    Thank goodness, these two people are off the streets. I agree that the Justice System plays a part. The entire Justice System needs an over haul. With their previous criminal records, it's proof that they will never be law abiding citizens. My heart breaks for the family of the victim. Even "if" justice is served, the family will forever be changed and two little babies will grow up without a father.

  • workingforthosethatwont Sep 2, 2008

    OK, I can see it coming already. They had a bad childhood or some other excuse. Truth is...they know better, that's why they ran.
    Now give them a fair trial, then execute them quickly.

  • ccs1920 Sep 2, 2008

    If these two had received a few years, instead of a few months, for their previous crimes they would still be in prison and the victim would still be alive. They pulled the trigger but I believe the courts share some of the blame.