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Banned sex offender says he did nothing wrong

Posted August 29, 2008

— A registered sex offender banned from all public parks in Wake Forest says he's done nothing wrong and that he was trying to be helpful when he asked a mother if he could push her young daughter on a park swing.

"I'm not a violent person. I'm not a violent person at all," Carlton Wood said Friday.

Instead, Wood, who was convicted of taking indecent liberties with a minor in Mecklenburg County in 1986, says police are harassing him.

"I was wrong. I did my time for it. I shouldn't be harassed," he said. He would not elaborate on his conviction,

Wake Forest Mayor Vivian Jones, however, says the town is legally able to ban Wood from the town's nine parks and recreation facilities because authorities deemed his activity at the park on Sunday unsuitable.

"Any time that someone behaves inappropriately in our jurisdiction, we can ask them to leave," Jones said.

Two towns in North Carolina have already banned registered sex offenders from parks. Woodfin, a town near Asheville, was the first to do so three years ago. Wade, in Cumberland County, enacted a similar ordinance earlier this year.

According to court records, Wood spent 18 months in prison. He said he later moved to Tennessee, where he was required to register as a violent sex offender.

When he moved to Wake Forest last year, he tried to register as a sex offender, but says he was told he did not have to. He maintains he has done everything he's supposed to do.

"I mean, I've been keeping my nose clean. I must be doing something right," he said.

Under North Carolina law, sex offenders convicted prior to 1996, when the state sex-offender registry was created, are not required to register.

That has parents who live in his neighborhood and frequent the park talking.

"A little bit more information might have been available to the parents, which would have caused a bit more caution," parent Jim Whittington said.

Jones and parents like Whittington and like Rebekah Jenks say lawmakers need to look at making sex-offender registration cover those convicted before 1996.

"I would like to know that they are all registered," Jenks said.

Jennifer Canada, a spokeswoman with the North Carolina Attorney General's Office, says the office is following developments on the federal level about making registries retroactive.

State Rep. Marilyn Avila, R-Wake, whose district covers Wake Forest, says lawmakers should look at the case closely and discuss making the sex-offender registry retroactive.


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  • Tim P Sep 3, 2008

    I would have to agree that this man has NO right to be around childern. But to those who say all sex offenders should die in prison, well just because a person is on the sex offender registry does not = child predator. And to those who think that these criminals can not stop, well the US Dept. Of Justice study on sex offenders recidivism rates show them to have one of the lowest recivism rates amoung all criminals. 3.5% are reconvicted of a new sex crime within 3 years of release from prison. Now if the Federal Goverment and State Goverments realy wanted to protect the public they would make ALL KNOWN SEX OFFENDERS PAY FOR TESTING THAT WOULD SHOW HOW LIKELY THEY ARE TO RE-OFFEND. And then post those who are the most likely to reoffend on a public sex offender registry. But those in office do not realy want to protect the public they just want to use this issue to get more votes and keep us the public worked up.

  • loudnoises Aug 29, 2008

    "I'm not a violent person. I'm not a violent person at all,"

    You don't have to be violent to rape a child. Just sneaky and creepy. And why are you pushing someone else's kids that you don't even know?

  • alx Aug 29, 2008

    he forfeited his right to time on the playground when he abused that child. the treatment he is getting is warranted and a direct result of a choice he made. sorry we don't give second chances with our kids.

  • bomanicous Aug 29, 2008

    'I assume a lot of you go to church too?'

    I assume a lot of people go to the beach too and some probably go to the movies. I don't see the relevance of wanting to keep kids safe???? I imagine there might be an athiest or two that wouldn't want their kids around a convicted molester.

  • Adelinthe Aug 29, 2008

    All sex offenders, once convicted, should be sentenced to no less than 25 years in prison with no chance of parole. PERIOD!!!

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • bomanicous Aug 29, 2008

    'He only spent 4 months in prison and then about 10 months on parole.'

    Sorry - That was for the misdemeanor. he was released in 01/1987 for that and convicted in 02/1987 for the felony then did about 1.5 years. I'm not sure if it's the same case or if he's a repeat offender.

  • jse830fcnawa030klgmvnnaw+ Aug 29, 2008

    Carlton Wood did nothing wrong. He did his time.

    WFrules and others who want this person out or go back to jail: you are no different by thinking like a lynch mob. I assume a lot of you go to church too?

    kbo0801, read the article again. It states, "When he moved to Wake Forest last year, he tried to register as a sex offender, but says he was told he did not have to. He maintains he has done everything he's supposed to do."

  • bomanicous Aug 29, 2008

    'Question is.......how old was he when the offense occurred....and what were the circumstances. Did he have consensual sex with an underaged female or did he rape a two year old? More information is needed'

    It looks like he was about 28 when the first offense of indecent liberties on a child happened. He only spent 4 months in prison and then about 10 months on parole. Very little time for he crime but no facts either.


  • Common Sense Man Aug 29, 2008

    "I trust this man will file a lawsuit against them challenging this. Appears to fly in the face of the Constitution and the freedoms we are guaranteed. Where was the due process? When was the court hearing?"

    Court hearing for what? They trespassed him from the property. Big deal.

  • Screen Name 64 Aug 29, 2008

    You people should read your own comments. I don't know all the facts and won't pretend to. He did his time, NC said he didn't have to register. Time to move on. The country is in the state it is because of the comments on here. I am an adult male that loves coaching baseball, but won't because of you. I don't have kids of my own and won't take the chance of a lynch mob.
    Everyone here needs to look at themselves and think about whats wrong here.