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Wake Forest bans convicted sex offender from parks

Posted August 28, 2008

— Wake Forest has banned a registered sex offender from the town's parks following reports he asked parents if he could push their children on swings.

Town spokesman Bill Crabtree said in a news release Thursday afternoon that police questioned Carlton Wood, 50, on Sunday at Holding Park following the reports, but he was not arrested.

According to the news release, Wood, a registered sex offender in Tennessee, was convicted in 1987 for taking indecent liberties with a minor. He has no outstanding warrants in North Carolina.

Wood is not allowed on the grounds of any of the town's nine parks and recreational facilities, the news release stated.

"In the event Wood trespasses on the grounds or property of any Town of Wake Forest park or recreational facility, he will be subject to arrest and prosecution," Crabtree said.

Wood is not required to register as a sex offender in North Carolina because he was convicted prior to the creation of the state's sex offender registry in 1996.


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  • Tax Man Aug 29, 2008

    mstan - I do not condone sex offenders, but I do believe in the Constitution. It would seem that this man was at least entitled to a hearing before he could be banned from the parks. Did he have a legal hearing on this (I do not know, it is lacking in the reporting)? Did he have the opportunity to confront the witnesses against him under oath? Was there ANY due process. What if the honorable mayor decided to ban all blacks because they could cause discomfort to the whites in the park? Even though sex offenders and predators need to be caught, tried and locked up you cannot just arbitrarily ban people from use of public facilities without proof of potential harm. My concern is larger than this one guy - it is for all citizens to get a fair shake. Apparently this guy had a problem over twenty years ago but none since - and I understand the parents feel uncomfortable with him and he is "weird". But he still is entitled to due process.

  • Roach Aug 29, 2008

    I am friends with the Mother of the two girls. She isn't an alarmest. She told me that this guy was acting "really wacked out". Come on guys, if you were in the park, would you even dream of walking up to a total stranger and asking them if you could push their little girls on a swing? And if it were your wife and your little girls would you want her just stepping aside and letting a pedophile, for all you know, mess with your daughters or sons? I think not.
    I thank God she did the right thing and listened to her instincts to call the police.

  • earlmay Aug 29, 2008

    My husband, grandson and I were at the park last Sunday when this guy appeared out of nowhere and immediately went up to a Mom and her two little girls on the swings. When she was able to get away she came over to us and was really spooked and creeped out by this guy as were we. He came up to us and tried to interact with our grandson and we immediately got between him and our grandson. I can not tell why we felt so strongly uncomfortable, but we helped get the Mother of the two girls purse and backpack from the picnic table he took possession of the overlook the birthday party going on at the next picnic table.
    All I know if we had alarm bells going off as did this other Mom and we immediately got out gear together and left.
    Now I know why, and am grateful we can go back to the park.

  • cragan Aug 28, 2008

    I have read on here that some think you should not be in a park without kids. Its a public park. That means i can go and sit and watch the birds watch people run and play. I agree with the gentleman that said somthing about the crime being 20 years ago and it could be crime that is in a gray area. Why not give him a chance he has served his time and could be a model citizen now

  • TheAdmiral Aug 28, 2008


    The ACLU will skew the Civil Rights granted in the constitution to allow these perverts to walk amongst us.

    They should have an instant death penalty - since none of them can be rehabilitated, according to psychologists.

  • Wake1 Aug 28, 2008

    I can't believe anyone would say anything even remotely in favor of this guy! Let him play with your kids - not mine!

  • mstan Aug 28, 2008

    lets spread peace- your absolutely right, good point.

  • lets-spread-peace Aug 28, 2008

    The problem arises when he begins asking to push children on the swings. That's when the past comes up. Parents in Wake Forest reported this to police before even knowing of his past, because it was so suspicious and concerning. This park he appeared at is right beside the elementary school in town as well. The action was appropriate.

  • mstan Aug 28, 2008

    To both of you..Steve and Tax Man. No, I don't see a problem with him not being able to go to the park. Tough cookies if you are a sex offender. If anything, the laws still work against the law abiding citizens. The fact that he wants to push children on the swings is a little strange and concerning. I live in Wake Forest, and I visit this park frequently. I am thankful I now have a face to watch out for when my precious children are playing. When you break the law for something especially like sex offense, I am sorry, but you don't have the same rights anymore. Most people eventually reoffend, and I'll tell you what, it shouldn't be with my kids because this man is technically allowed to go to parks. If he doesn't have children, there is no reason to be there. It is not a park you go and sit at. There is just a playground for children, no trails, etc. He is fishy for being there.

  • Tax Man Aug 28, 2008


    Sure do - I think the entire "sex offender" registration system and bans from public places is wrong - look at the specific offense and if it is current and their is a present danger, then do something. If it is an old offense and there does not appear to be a present danger, or if the crime was not related to child molestation or actual forceable rape, then no restrictions should apply. If I were this person I would probably file a suit against the city for declaratory relief as he is effectively being penalized prior to any crime being committed. Have a young neighbor in Cary who had some porn on his computer - unknown to him one girl was under 18 - so he now has to register as a sex offender! He just got the stuff off websites that advertise all their models are over 18 - but the court said he had to make a determination. And then there are the cases of boyfriend/girlfriend having sex under age - shame, but are they criminals?